The Most Iconic Wrestling Intros of All Time

There’s nothing more electrifying that a fantastic wrestling entrance. Obviously, finishing moves are extraordinary, but some of them don’t even hurt the other wrestler. There’s no denying that stepping into a ring with pyros blasting, music pumping, and the arena losing their minds is just absolutely amazing. It’s for this very reason that we believe

Greatest Boxing Matches of All Time

There’s only a handful of things that are as exciting as watching two evenly-matched boxers battling it out over 12 rounds in a boxing ring. On a rare occasion, the planets will align, producing two men that will undoubtedly deliver a fight that will stand the test of time. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying at

Most Expensive Wrestling Figures in the World

Professional wrestling has provided loads of entertainment to millions of fans across the globe for decades and their appreciation is shown with a wide range of memorabilia. Whether it’s signed wrestler gear, collectible cups, replica title belts, accessories, or shirts, there’s always something that fans can show for their love of the sport. However, nothing

The Best WrestleMania Moments of All Time

Video packages are filled with them, announcers praise them, and wrestlers can’t stop talking about them: Each year, the WWE makes a massive deal when it comes to WrestleMania Moments, containing incredible events that undoubtably make the annual event a major success. They continuously play throughout time and are considered a universal feeling above all

The Best Wrestlers of 2018

2018 is almost in the rear-view mirror and its been quite an extraordinary year when it comes to professional wrestling. We’ve witnessed the incredible rise of Cody Rhodes on the outside of the WWE thanks to his ‘All-In’ journey, the phenomenal return of Daniel Bryan, the resurrection of Seth Rollins career, the Ronda Rousey emergence,

WWE Entrance Songs and Themes

What makes the world of wrestling so entertaining is the dramatic entrances, it’s theatrical entertainment program and the body slams, and for most viewers, the original theme music is the most recognisable of all modern television has to offer. In 1993, January to be exact Monday Night raw was broadcasted, and WWE used over a

Is There A Way to Dominate in Arm Wrestling?

Arm wrestling fans are divided by those who favour the left and those who more support the leaders of right arm wrestling. Currently, the top 10 list of left arm wrestlers includes Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Alexey Semerenko, Oleg Zhokh, Ferit Osmanli, Artem Taynov, Dzmitry Shmyko, Christian Binnie and Travis Bagent. If you