Wrestling Event Turns Bloody

During the recent “Welcome to the Wreckroom Pro Wrestling” event the night turned out to be quite bloody, and now Floyd County Health Department is urging all who have attended the event to have themselves tested for both Hepatitis C as well as HIV. The organizers, however, slapped back and are now accusing the Health

Significant Changes for UK WWE Fans

The end of the relationship which lasted for three decades between World Wrestling Entertainment and Sky Sports was announced this week. BT Sport has just signed a deal which took the flagship shows of WWE including SmackDown LIVE and Monday Night RAW from Sky Sports into their own very successful portfolio. A Multi-year Deal Starting

The Best NXT TakeOver Moments

Five years ago, NXT managed to provide its first-ever TakeOver event in Florida. Usually outshining it’s PPV WWE counterpart, TakeOver events have led to deliver thrills, and dazzle throughout its five-year life span. Between the very first match that featured Camacho against Adam Rose until the most recent match between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano,

What is Sumo Wrestling?

Sumo is a genuinely competitive contact wrestling sport that requires your entire body to be used. During a match, a wrestler will attempt to force their opponent to the ground or push their opponent out the circular ring, known as a dohyo. Sumo wrestling originates from Japan and is the only place where Sumo is

The Story Behind WWE’s Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank should be considered WWE’s 2nd successive can’t miss PPV. Between the women’s and men’s ladder matches that have undoubtedly made this show one of the most unpredictable and exciting moments in the history of the WWE, along with a Universal championship match between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, it needs to