WWE 2020 SummerSlam Betting Odds Revealed

August 23rd marks the date when WWE SummerSlam 2020 will unfold at the Florida Performance Centre. Initially announced for the Boston region, COVID-19 forced Vince McMahon to relocate the Summer Pay-Per-View to their safeguarded Performance Centre. This SummerSlam will be accessible, with Randy Orton slated to compete against Drew McIntyre again. It’s a longstanding rivalry

WWE Star Loses Out to Warner Brothers Role

Wrestlers that work for Vince McMahon have often moved towards careers in acting, such as Dwayne Johnson or John Cena. Often these careers in acting prove unfavourable & often lead back to readmittance into the WWE; such has been the case for John Cena. The exact opposite has happened with Dave Bautista. His career has

WWE Moving to Discovery Italy

The Italian wrestling broadcasting market is changing, with WWE leaving Sky Sports Italia & moving owed towards Discovery Italy. It was initially announced on July 1st that the WWE terminated their contract with Sky Sports over financial disputes. AEW took the opportunity of WWE’s exit from this broadcaster, making a contract that was announced on

Paul Levesque Heir to WWE

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, it’s a name synonymous with millions worldwide. It’s an empire that began on July 6th during 1953 with the existence of Capitol Wrestling Corp. After three decades under that namesake & branding, Vincent James McMahon would gift his son the CWC. Vincent Kennedy McMahon would rebrand his father’s empire into the “Worldwide

Kari Sane Leaving the WWE

Escaping the clutches of Vince McMahon is proving more difficult for WWE Superstars during the COVID-19 pandemic. A large percentage of the roster has begun losing their contracts, albeit for different reasons than their main competitor, the UFC. The coronavirus pandemic prompted McMahon to give members on the roster an opportunity to stop competing. He

Tessa Blanchard Terminated Over Controversy

Wrestling supports in North America & Latin America were shocked to hear that Tessa Blanchard from “IMPACT Wrestling” has been fired. She’s had her contracted deemed Null & Void, with her historic world championship title being stripped before it could be defended on July 18th. Tessa Blanchard would’ve competed against Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary, which

WWE Faces Continued Issued with Roster

Vince McMahon, throughout the decades, has infamously treated his roster poorly. One occasion saw professional wrestlers held captive by a Middle Eastern Government, who demanded that Vince McMahon award them millions to return the wrestlers. Being held captive came after the WWE Chief Executive Officer refused to compete in the Middle East, even though contracts

Randy Orton Angers Vince McMahon

Social media has become an integral part for athletes worldwide. It’s enabled them to contact their audiences on personal levels, while also utilizing their platforms to increase their public presence & financial gain. This was proven again by Randy Orton, a WWE Superstar that’s been known to previously engage with social media to garner popularity

AEW Wrestler Confirms Surgery

The extensive athletics required to compete in professional wrestling often results in surgery for competitors. This was proven again with the announcement that Preston Vance, a member in the Dark Order AEW Team, was forced to have surgery earlier last week. This information was revealed directly through Vance’s Twitter Page, where he noted that his