John Cena Appearing at TLC

One of the most influential stars in WWE could be making his much-desired reappearance in 2019. John Cena publicly released a photo on his Instagram, relating to his time with the WWE. This photo stated, “Keep Calm and Keep the Streak Going,” which most fans have referenced towards his return. The rarity this Instagram’s post

WWE Stars Released from Contracts

Luke Harper, Wrong Cara as well as the Rising (Konnor, Viktor) are no more a component of the WWE. The firm has launched all four superstars. The Rising was just one of the most leading and preferred tag groups in NXT. They won the Tag Group Championships by beating Adrian Neville and also Corey Graves

Jerry Lawler Signs New WWE Contract

Fanatics of wrestling are thrilled to find out that Jerry Lawler, the Hall of Famer, will remain with the WWE for another three years going forward. This wrestling icon currently works under the Raw Announcement Team. Lawler made this announcement at Galaxy-Con, which was then confirmed that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When asked by the

Randy Orton Talks AEW Rumors

Randy Orton, one of the most famous superstars in the WWE, appeared on the latest episode of After the Bell. He spoke with Corey Graves on various topics regarding the two-decade veterans’ career. The subject changed to the recent rumours that Randy Orton would be joining the AEW, following the likes of Chris Jericho. He

WWE Facing Backlash

Professional Wrestling has been an international sport continuously crowded in controversy. After what had seemed like a long period since the WWE’s last incident, Vince McMahon has been accused of treating his athlete’s like hostages. It was reported that wrestlers with the franchise won’t fly to Saudi Arabia because of payment issues between Vince McMahon

WWE Greatest Venues

WWE has an enormous fan base. To keep this fan base happy and in touch with pro wrestling, they need to have many arenas and stadiums where shows can take place daily. Therefore the extent of the list of their venues is quite large. Some of these have earned themselves the status as the top

Sumo Wrestling Japanese Roots

There is an inevitable part of Japanese history which some feel has been lost over the ages. They feel that sumo is connected to these lost segments of history, and this is fuelling the love affair which the nation has with the sport. It is the core ingredient in the mystic appeal it has to

Vince McMahon Comments on WWE

WWE is a sports entertainment company, and that is what should be expected from them. They deliver professional wrestling on a platter to massive crowds. Yet after a very controversial ending of Hell In A Cell, Vincent McMahon commented that some of the Superstars are too much pro wrestling. This statement created as much controversy

Nyla Rose in the Ring

The Ring is known for bearded middle-aged men screaming all kinds of profanities to each other. A great show of testosterone-driven bravado and fist punching into thin air. Dripping sweat is dried with towels, and their names are reflecting the powerful force which they are going to thump their contenders with. People from all-over drive