What is Sumo Wrestling?

Sumo is a genuinely competitive contact wrestling sport that requires your entire body to be used. During a match, a wrestler will attempt to force their opponent to the ground or push their opponent out the circular ring, known as a dohyo. Sumo wrestling originates from Japan and is the only place where Sumo is

The Story Behind WWE’s Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank should be considered WWE’s 2nd successive can’t miss PPV. Between the women’s and men’s ladder matches that have undoubtedly made this show one of the most unpredictable and exciting moments in the history of the WWE, along with a Universal championship match between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, it needs to

What’s Brock Lesnar’s Next Move?

The time spent by Brock Lesnar in the UFC, along with his tease to make a comeback, seems to be done for the moment. However, it still leaves loads of unanswered questions for the former WWE Universal champion and UFC heavyweight. Lesnar, who is 41 this year, won’t be participating in a fight against Daniel

WWE Starts Worth Mentioning After WrestleMania 35

WWE looks completely different when you compared it a month ago. Samoa Joe is considered the longest reigning champion in both SmackDown and Raw, who has been the champion of the United States for more than 50 days, while other main roster titles continued to change hands during WrestleMania 35. Since the WrestleMania weekend, 3

Becky Lynch Becomes New Champion at WrestleMania 35

Becky Lynch managed to defeat both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become the SmackDown and Raw women’s champion to end WrestleMania 35 finally. During the first main-event women’s match at WrestleMania, Becky Lynch managed to give Rousey her first career defeat in the WWE thanks to a flash roll-up where she took full advantage

Roman Reigns Comes Clean at WWE

It’s only recently that Roman Reigns fully understood what occurred in Providence, Rhode Island that evening. It was Monday Night Raw during late October, and while he was making his way from the wrestling locker room to the all too familiar sounds of adoring fans, Roman Reigns had a great deal on his mind. However,

How NXT Goes Forward Without Tommaso Ciampa

How does one recover after losing the heart and soul of NXT weeks before the largest show of the yearly wrestling calendar occurs? The heart and soul of the NXT is none other than Tommaso Ciampa, a unique character that is considered as black as a moonless night. However, his overwhelming ability to embody all