Jeff Hardy Makes Addiction Problems Public in WWE

There have been few instances of excitement for Vince McMahon’s Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. The Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted numerous changes onto the WWE operations, coinciding with the same period of AEWs growth. It’s meant a notable decline in viewership for the WWE in 2020. However, that could change with the upcoming “Hell in a Cell”

Chris Jericho Discusses AEWs Success

All Elite Wrestling, it’s become a formidable success that regularly outrivals Vince McMahon’s WWE. Nobody anticipated that AEW would overtake WWE in weekly ratings. However, better storylines & realistic wrestling has permitted All Elite Wrestling to dominate over “Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment”. Multiple wrestlers that were previously contracted with the WWE have moved over to AEW,

Details for the 2020 WWE Draft

Shocking developments regarding the future of WWE has been announced, with the revelation that Seth Rollins is leaving Monday Night’s RAW & that “The New Day” is being separated. Results from the WWE 2020 Draft have proven disappointing for a large percentage of wrestlers, who were hoping to sustain their current positions & move forward

Brock Lesnar Retirement Looming, Speculation Begins

It’s become commonplace for “WWE Wrestlers” to try their hand at the UFC, often failing & getting savagely beaten by their opponents. There’s been one wrestler to take this challenge seriously, overcome the odds, and defeat his opponents regularly. That individual is Brock Lesnar. It’s known that Brock Lesnar will shortly become a free agent

NXT Hiring New UK Wrestlers

Several wrestlers located in the United Kingdom have been hired by Vince McMahon’s NXT for new contracts. These individuals will compete under the NXT – UK Division, with inside sources rectifying that training camps in London have begun & tapings with these wrestlers first performances will occur before the end of 2020. The prompt arrival

Failure for WWE’s Retribution on Monday Night RAW

Vince McMahon’s WWE revealed their latest team of wrestlers on September 21st. Retribution made their first appearance on Monday Night Raw, which saw comedic criticism from at-home supporters & back-stage personnel. Rumours regarding the introduction of Retribution wasn’t ever mentioned by WWE inside sources, with their move from NXT to WWE shocking the community. When

Taynara Conti Leaves WWE for AEW

Dedicates supporters of “All Elite Wrestling” were excited to learn that another WWE Superstar has been stolen from Vince McMahon. It was announced on September 10th that Taynara Conti would become a permanent addition to the AEW Lineup, and effective immediately disband all connections with the WWE. This news likely shocked supporters who would’ve already

WWE Focuses on Streaming

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment has announced they’ll be terminating third-party agreements with broadcasters on October 2nd. This announcement comes as Vince McMahon’s WWE focuses on the growing format of Streaming. Conventional television is becoming less popular & costs more than the average consumer can afford. WWE believes former supporters are more likely to return under the

Braun Strowman Contemplated Suicide Twice

August 30th saw the latest episode of “WWE Chronicle” released to fanatics. This show highlights emotional moments in a wrestler’s career, with notable moments including the Undertaker discussing 20+ years of WrestleMania matches. WWE Chronicle’s most recent episode focuses on Braun Strowman, one of the more prominent names in Vince McMahon’s 2019-20 roster. It’s revealed

AEW Allows Spectators Back to Live Events

The WWE is continuously battling against their rivals, AEW. It’s prompted a new era in professional wrestling, which sees innovative shows announced & wrestlers are switching leagues to increase their global exposure. The WWE has announced their latest upgrade to Friday Night’s SmackDown & Monday Night’s Raw, confirming their ThunderDome Era has begun. It marks