Wrestling in Japan

Japan made some iconic contributions to the world like Hello Kitty as well as some brilliant sci-fi film. Now it seems that next on the list which the world can expect from Japan would be professional wrestling. Not referring at all to sumo wrestling, but indeed the growing market of acrobatic throws and chokeholds taking

The Top Five Pro Wrestling Organizations

Wrestling promotions/federations or feds refer to any business or company which regulates shows hosting professional wrestling. The promotion part of the name indeed relates to marketing, advertising, as well as running and organizing the logistics of the event. Following, we shortly touch on the top five promotions in pro wrestling in the United States. World

The Two Personas of Phoenix

Nor Diana or Phoenix, as she is known in the ring, is living a life of a shy Malaysian girl in her hijab, but when she gets into the ring, she becomes the leather-wearing Phoenix, who has won the biggest wrestling tournament in Malaysia last month. Nor Diana Nor Diana is a timid 19-year-old Malaysian

Wrestling Event Turns Bloody

During the recent “Welcome to the Wreckroom Pro Wrestling” event the night turned out to be quite bloody, and now Floyd County Health Department is urging all who have attended the event to have themselves tested for both Hepatitis C as well as HIV. The organizers, however, slapped back and are now accusing the Health