Vince McMahon Cuts Pay of WWE Personnel

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment confirmed that the CEO had cut the payments of Producers & Referees. Vince McMahon made this decision following the COVID-19 Pandemic, which is drastically reducing the associated profits earned by this historical wrestling league. It wasn’t just minor personnel receiving pay cuts, with executives also being informed on May 28th that they’d

Hana Kimura Possibly Committed Suicide

Supporters behind Professional Japanese Wrestling were saddened & shocked to learn that Hana Kimura had died. She became a notable athlete in Stardom Wrestling after appearing on the “Terrace House”, a television series for Netflix. The Kimura Organisation announced her passing and requested that fans remain respectful during this time of mourning. Though the cause

The Rocks Daughter Signs With WWE

Supporters behind the WWE were shocked to learn that Simone Alexandra had signed with the WWE. This woman is the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who has remained silent regarding her contract signing since February 10th. This is when WWE Representatives officially confirmed that Simone Alexandra had joined their roster, with her respective training

Tom Segura Angers WWE Fans

Supporters of wrestling have proven themselves aggressive & immature over recent statements made by Tom Segura, a well-known comedian in North America. Segura was speaking on his “Your Mom’s House Podcast”, which Tom hosts with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky. Segura was questioned on his thoughts behind wrestling, where he’d remark Anti-WWE statements. Tom noted that

Vince McMahon Possibly Selling WWE

Rumours are circulating online that ESPN is considering purchasing the WWE, with insiders close to the World Wrestling Entertainment League suggesting that they’ve overheard conversations suggesting a potential transition of ownership. The Disney Company would become the priority owners of WWE, with them owning ESPN Sports and Fox Sports. It’d be a significant announcement to

The History of COVID-19 with the WWE

The WWE is not alone in it having to cancel all its events due to a ban nationwide, one that includes even the best-known names in the business such as World Wrestling Entertainment. That has seen fans locked out from being able to attend any matches. It is estimated that World Wrestling Entertainment has lost

Vince McMahon Targets Roman Reigns

History is repeating itself throughout the WWE, with the egotistical values of Vince McMahon being portrayed in a public manner. The President of this wrestling competition hasn’t allowed for the Roman Reigns name to be used for weeks. This follows after Roman confirmed that his attendance at WrestleMania 36 would be terminated. The battle between

First Case of COVID-19 for WWE

Shortly after Vince McMahon confirmed that the XFL had shut down all operations for 2020, it was learned that the WWE had experienced their first confirmed case of COVID-19. This individual is an “On-Screen Talent” but not mentioned under the roster conditions. Remarks released by the WWE express that the risk is low for the

AEW Facing Challenges with Filming During COVID-19

Organizers behind All Elite Wrestling have struggled in filming their weekly venues. Mass gatherings throughout the United States of America have been limited to ten people. That’s made it impossible to support production staffs with AEWs weekly tapings. It prompted AEW Executives to implement a postponement of their 1st season, with AEW unable to return

Bill Goldberg New Opponent Appointed

Changes are being made to WrestleMania 36, with Bill Goldberg expected to compete against a new opponent. This followed after Bray Wyatt was dethroned during Super ShowDown. The Fiend wanted a rematch against Goldberg, but it appears that won’t happen, with Vince McMahon having different players for the Hall of Famer. There’d be considerable speculation