Rocky Johnson Passes Away at 75

One of wrestling’s most notable Hall of Famers has passed away. Rocky Johnson passed away from natural causes at seventy-five years of age, with millions coming to support his family with condolences. It took two days but Rocky’s son, Dwayne Johnson, has paid tribute to his father through Instagram. The wrestler turned actor expressed that

Steve Austin on Retirement

It’s been seventeen years since wrestling enthusiasts lost one of their most notable athletes, Steve Austin. This Hall of Famer retired in 2003, determining that the sport was causing to much damage to the body. Austin experienced substantial neck injuries after a failed piledriver, which had begun to plague him throughout training and matches. This

Kingston Wins Moment of the Year

The 2019 season for the WWE was one of it’s most historic and action-packed in decades, bringing back thousands of fans. This was prompted by returning stars and new names creating a legacy for themselves. However, the season ended just before the holidays and a month later, the award show has been completed. One of

WWE Holiday Ratings

World Wrestling Entertainment has struggled with maintaining a consistent viewership since the departing of John Cena. However, the last month has seen significant growth, with numerous fans returning for regular viewership. The first event was Friday Night SmackDown, which per usual aired on FOX. It saw more than 2.4 million viewers, maintaining a 0.65 rating

WWE Weekly News

This week hasn’t been any less dramatic than others in the world of wrestling. The first big story that was released pertained to Steve Austin, one of the most magnificent Hall of Famer’s in the WWE. Speaking with Sports Illustrated reporters, Stone Cold mentioned who he believes will be the next big name in WWE.

John Cena Appearing at TLC

One of the most influential stars in WWE could be making his much-desired reappearance in 2019. John Cena publicly released a photo on his Instagram, relating to his time with the WWE. This photo stated, “Keep Calm and Keep the Streak Going,” which most fans have referenced towards his return. The rarity this Instagram’s post

WWE Stars Released from Contracts

Luke Harper, Wrong Cara as well as the Rising (Konnor, Viktor) are no more a component of the WWE. The firm has launched all four superstars. The Rising was just one of the most leading and preferred tag groups in NXT. They won the Tag Group Championships by beating Adrian Neville and also Corey Graves

Jerry Lawler Signs New WWE Contract

Fanatics of wrestling are thrilled to find out that Jerry Lawler, the Hall of Famer, will remain with the WWE for another three years going forward. This wrestling icon currently works under the Raw Announcement Team. Lawler made this announcement at Galaxy-Con, which was then confirmed that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When asked by the

Randy Orton Talks AEW Rumors

Randy Orton, one of the most famous superstars in the WWE, appeared on the latest episode of After the Bell. He spoke with Corey Graves on various topics regarding the two-decade veterans’ career. The subject changed to the recent rumours that Randy Orton would be joining the AEW, following the likes of Chris Jericho. He

WWE Facing Backlash

Professional Wrestling has been an international sport continuously crowded in controversy. After what had seemed like a long period since the WWE’s last incident, Vince McMahon has been accused of treating his athlete’s like hostages. It was reported that wrestlers with the franchise won’t fly to Saudi Arabia because of payment issues between Vince McMahon