Most Expensive Wrestling Figures in the World

Professional wrestling has provided loads of entertainment to millions of fans across the globe for decades and their appreciation is shown with a wide range of memorabilia. Whether it’s signed wrestler gear, collectible cups, replica title belts, accessories, or shirts, there’s always something that fans can show for their love of the sport.

However, nothing comes close to the insane amount of money some people with pay for action figures. We decided to take a look at some of the most expensive wrestling figures in the world to give you an idea of how much fans will actually pay to get their hands on plastic toys that resemble their favourite wrestlers.

Hasbro Kamala – Moon Belly

This might come as a surprise, but the most expensive wrestling figure to ever get sold by a private collector wasn’t a former wrestling champion or even a favourite among fans. It was Kamala, widely known for walking down to the ring with body paint and a tribal mask, including paintings of two stars and a crescent moon on his stomach. For reasons unknown, the figure that featured a crescent moon on his belly was extremely limited, as only 25 figures was ever released. The wrestling figure was once sold for a staggering $10,000 to an unknown collector.

Ultimate Warrior – Jakks Pacific Legends Ultimate Creations

This is undoubtably one of the weirdest releases in the world of wrestling figures. There was only 20 figures released to the world by Jakks Pacific in partnership with Ultimate Creations. The wrestling figure is exactly the same size as the original figure, but this one is completely made from marble. This was an extremely unique way to make a wrestling figure, fetching a jaw-dropping $5,000 in the market. It remains one of the most unique and exclusive wrestling figures in the world to this day.

Ultimate Warrior – Jakks Pacific Legends Ultimate Creations (One Warrior Nation)

There’s no denying that the Ultimate Warrior is one of the most notorious wrestlers of the WWF and companies have made loads of memorabilia of this superstar over the years. Even those that never saw him in the ring are familiar with his painted face and insane amount of energy both in and outside the ring. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that toy companies decided to release a limited range of the Ultimate Warrior figures. This one now goes for a silly $3,500.

Hulk Hogan – Jakks Pacific Toyfare Exclusive

Jakks Pacific made a tremendous impact on the wrestling scene over the years as they were the only toy company to get the faces spot on of most wrestlers back in the day. This was especially true when you look at their Legends series. Within their Legends series was a Hulk Hogan with a dark moustache and red attire that somehow went for over $5,000 at an online auction site. There is only 100 available in the world, which makes the price more reasonable.