Y1-Golden Age of Wrestling Volume 1
Golden Age of Wrestling Volume
Wrestling’s Greatest Villains of the Golden Era
I Like to hurt People
Hulk Hogan-The Missing matches
Randy Savage-The Missing Matches

Y2-USA Monsters of the Mat Volume 1
USA Monsters of the Mat Volume 2
Paul Boech Wrestling Spectacular Volume 1
Paul Boech Wrestling Spectacular Volume 2
Paul Boech Wrestling Spectacular Volume 3

PWI Lords of the Ring

Y3-Wrestling Gold Volume 1
Wrestling Gold Volume 2
Wrestling Gold Volume 3
Wrestling Gold Volume 4

Y4-PWTW Take over by Paul E. Dangerously
PWTW Bruiser Brody look Back 1946-1988 Special

Y5-NWA Tournament 11-19-94 Cherry Hill, PA. (Candito)
CCW Father’s Day Bash 1994 (Sabu vs Candito Lade Match)

Y6-Big Time Wrestling TV (1978 California)

Y7-UWF TV Herb Abrams (10-1-90 to 11-12-90) 7 Shows

Y8-Five Star Wrestling TV (4-14-90 to 5-12-90)

Y9-South Atlantic Pro Wrestling TV (10-90 to 11-90)

Y10-National Wrestling Federation TV-All 8 SportsChannel Early 80’s

Y11-TWA Winter Challenge 1990
TWA Spring Spectacular 1990

Y12-WWA Drexel Hill, PA (11-9-90) Tom Robinson Card
WWA Bensalem, PA (11-10-90) Tom Robinson Card

Y13-NWA Old Handheld Hi-lights 1982 mid Atlantic
John Arrezzi Weekend of Champions Convention Handheld
PWA Minnesota 3-18-91

Y14-WWA 1-10-92
WWA 1-11-92

Y15-WWA 11-14-92
WWA 11-28-92
PWA 9-9-91
Tri-State Wrestling Eddie Gilbert vs Cactus Jack 2 of 3 falls Show

Y16-PWA Wrestle for Shelter 1
PWA Wrestle for Shelter 2

Y17-UIW Oregon 8-7-92
UIW Oregon 9-14-92
Japan Classics early 80’s

Y18-Renegade Wrestling Federation (MA) Early 93

Y19-Wrestling Gold Volumes 1-4
The Glory Days of Wrestling

Y20-Brian Pillman Memorial Show 4-29-98(handheld)

Y21-Brian Pillman 5-25-00 (Austin vs Regal)
IWA (KY)No Blood, No Guts, No Glory (2-7-98)

Y22-ICP StrangleMania 1

Y23-Texas Wrestling Alliance Total Impact TV 10-29-99 to 1-15-00

Y24-Texas Wrestling Alliance TV(2-26-00 to 4-15-00)Inc. Shawn Retire

Y25-UWFI US PPV 10-5-93
NWA Grand Slam 93 (Minneapolis, MN)

Y26-IPW Meriden, Ct. 4-11-97

Y27-IPW Wrestlepalooza, New Britain, Ct. 4-19-97

Y28-IPW Wrestlepalooza New Britain, Ct. 5-18-97
Century Wrestling Association -Toyota Wallingford, Ct. 6-98

Y29-IWA (KY)Eddie GIlbert Tribute Show 4-97
Konnan Shoot Interview 1995
ECWA Super 8 tournament 3-21-98

Y30-ECWA Super 8 Tournament 1999 (Steve Bradley)

Y31-ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2000- (Chris Daniels)
UPW 1-31-01 (RVD vs Daniels, Juventud)

Y32-ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2001 (2-1-01)

Y33-ECWA 9-22-01 (Low Ki v Dragon v daniels v Andrews)
ECWA 7-21-01 Low Ki vs Dragon(Steamboat Refs)

Y34-ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2000 (Donovan Morgan)

Y35-Southwest Championship Wresting 1983

Y36-JWA 6-2-01 Guilford, CT.

Y37-Wrestling Zone 4-6-01 Danbury, Ct. (Sandman vs Balls)

Y38-NBC’s Pro Wrestling’s Greatest Secrets Exposed

Y39-ESPN’s Golden Age of Wrestling (Chicago 1963)
UPW Santa Ana, CA 9-13-00 (Kurt Angle vs Fallen Angel)

Y41-Omega Reunion show Dec 2000

Y42-WXW Gary Albright Memorial Show 2000

Y43-MECW Debut Show-Philadelphia, PA. 8-11-01

Y44-Wrestling With The Past(Comedy Channel Canada TV Special)

Y45-EPIC in Los Angeles, CA 6-16-02(Lynn vs Sabu)

Y46-Matrats.com TV & House Shows (summer 2001)

Y47-Pro Wrestling USA 1984 (1st 7 shows)AWA & NWA

Y48-Pro Wrestling USA TV Shows Tape 2 AWA/NWA

Y49-APW King of the Indies 2 day Week Of Legends 2001

Y50-HIW BackYard Wrestling-Blood, Guts, F*the Glory
HIW-Homicide Born Killaz
HIW-F*ing Up in the Ring 2000

Y51-Best of BackYard Wrestling 3-Too Shocking for TV
HIW Bring The Violence
HIW Scarred For Life
llicit HIW vs HCW

Y52-Hawaii Wrestling 1980’s Volume 1

Y53-Hawaii Wrestling 1980’s Volume 2

Y54-Grunt!-The Wrestling Movie

Y55-The Wrestler-Movie
GLOOW-Uncensored Footage
Back Yard Wrestling Babes Behind the Scenes Uncensored

Y56-MCW Harrington DE 5-22-02(Steamboat Refs,Douglas)

Y64-The Loved One-Mick Foley’s College Movie

Y65-Pro Wrestling this Week-5 TV shows (5-10-87 to 6-13-87)

Y66-California Wrestling 2 TV shows 1985
California Wrestling 1970’s 8MM film footage (4hrs)

Y67-Central States Wrestling-8 All Star TV shows early 80’s (EX)

Y68-Jersey Championship Wrestling J Cup 3.0(6-15-02)Reckless Youth

Y69-XWF In Your Face PPV #1 Introduction
XWF In Your Face PPV #2

Y70-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet10-1-94 emceed by Solie (NJ) cam

Y71-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet 9-30-95 (NJ) cam

Y72-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet 10-5-96 (NJ) cam

Y73-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet 10-96 (Tampa) cam

Y74-Cauliflower Alley Club Banquet 10-7-97 (NJ) cam

Y75-LWE-Texas 12-3-02(Candito/Sytch v Sandman-All Drunken MESS!

Y76-AWF Warriors of Wrestling 1995 (6 shows)

Y77-Best of Backyard Wrestling 5-Crazier than the Rest
Best of Backyard Babes-Uncensored 2 Down & Dirty

Y78-Jersey Championship Wrestling-Battle at Becton 2000

Y79-Jersey Championship Wrestling-Lodi Showdown 8/12/00

Y80-Jersey Championship Wrestling-Teaneck Termoil 2000

Y81-USA Pro Wrestling MeltDown 8/30/03 (Raven vs D-Lo)

Y82-IWA Mid South King of Death Matches Night#1: 8/1/03

Y83-IWA Mid South King of Death Matches Night#2: 8/2/03

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