Message Sent from Pac to AEW Roster

It’d been rumoured that All Elite Wrestling would reintroduce Pac to their weekly shows after several months of travel restrictions. These rumours were someone correct & incorrect simultaneously, with Pac making his formal remittance into AEW via videoconference. Nobody anticipated the announcements that’d be caused by Benjamin Satterley (Pac) on his video message. He’d reveal a new storyline & character that shows a fiercer version of Benjamin after being locked away for several months. Benjamin Satterley will now be named “The Bastard” on AEW Dynamite.

Creative strategies regarding the remittance of Benjamin Satterley have begun being formulated. However, details regarding his official return to the ring haven’t been announced. This indicates that an opportunity for Benjamin Satterley to leave the United Kingdom & return to America has been lost, which comes after the UK entered their 2nd lockdown. Some wrestling analysts are reporting that an additional four to five weeks could be sustained before Benjamin Satterley returns to AEW as “The Bastard”.

AEW Executives have clarified that having Benjamin arrive from London to Florida wouldn’t be challenging. It’s the associated timeframe of quarantine required each time he’d travel from Great Britain to America. “The Bastard” would be necessary to spend fourteen days quarantining in the United Kingdom, his primary residence. This schedule can’t sustain the timeframe AEW has implemented for their Covid-19 Tapings & Broadcasts. Subsequently, AEW Executives are continuously holding negotiations with Great Britain’s Parliament on the possibility of quarantining being removed for Benjamin Satterley. Replacing that quarantining would be multiple tests upon his departure from America & arrival into Great Britain.

Potential Enemies

Until Benjamin Satterley makes his formal return to AEW Dynamite, wrestling analysts & supporters will continue speculation on what “The Bastards” storyline will entail. Multiple opponents on the AEW Roster want to combat Benjamin Satterley, a fan favourite that evokes similar popularity to John Cena or Dwayne Johnson. It’s expected that Jon Moxley will become the selected target for Benjamin Satterley, which would be a storyline that thousands of supporters across America have desired since AEWs creation in 2019. AEW fanatics can anticipate an official announcement regarding Benjamin Satterley’s return before the holidays.