Kingston Wins Moment of the Year

The 2019 season for the WWE was one of it’s most historic and action-packed in decades, bringing back thousands of fans. This was prompted by returning stars and new names creating a legacy for themselves. However, the season ended just before the holidays and a month later, the award show has been completed. One of the most notable individuals that acquired an award was Koji Kingston, who has spent the last eleven years of his life in professional wrestling. The award provided was the Moment of the Year, which came after his formidable finishing move at WrestleMania 35.

Koji Kingston didn’t stand alone in this matchup, with him being joined by Xavier Woods and Big E under the New Day Brethren group. This was the most significant matchup in Koji’s career, battling it out for the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan. After pinning Bryan with his finishing move, the Ghana Native from West Africa won his first championship title. Considering that every wrestler in the WWE dreams of the day they receive this championship, earning this lifelong goal comes as the most significant accomplishment in Kingston’s life. It also certifies him as a future superstar for the WWE going forward. When Kingston was asked by reporters how it felt winning the championship title, the Ghana native expressed how an hour-long discussion could be held on his feelings. However, the champion did mention his thoughts on how crazy it was to achieve his lifelong dream, noting that a limited selection of people worldwide gets this opportunity. Just imagine how many children have dreamed of being a professional wrestler, winning the championship but never got close to achieving those goals.

The Award

It isn’t surprising that Koji Kingston acquired the 2019 Moment of the Year Award. It marks the first time that an African-American Athlete has earned the WWE Championship, which most are overlooking. It marks a significant cultural impact for wrestling, which hasn’t been the friendliest community when accepting new cultures. Kingston embodies a championship wrestler that will forever be marked down in wrestling history. It should be noted that other moments occurred throughout the 2019 season that could’ve been viable for this award. This includes the return of Edge, a former WWE Championship that was sorely missed amongst fans. This award show comprised of three wrestling leagues as well. That included the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Circuit and All Elite Wrestling, with the WWE being the third league. Subsequently, Kingston was up against more than 100 wrestlers for this award.