Kari Sane Leaving the WWE

Escaping the clutches of Vince McMahon is proving more difficult for WWE Superstars during the COVID-19 pandemic. A large percentage of the roster has begun losing their contracts, albeit for different reasons than their main competitor, the UFC. The coronavirus pandemic prompted McMahon to give members on the roster an opportunity to stop competing. He didn’t inform them that their contracts would be terminated. A.J. Style is a perfect example of those conditions.

Different attributes accounted for the recent announcement that Kari Sane would leave the WWE Superstar Roster. She’ll sustain a “Life-Threatening Injury” with her character, providing a quick close to her mediocre storyline. What happens to Kari Sane over her next three televised matches will mimic real-life altercations, with the Japanese Wrestler sustaining a “Career-Ending Injury”. She’s slated to return home, with it being suspected that Kari Sane will begin training younger female wrestlers from Japan.

Kari Sane quickly became a desired asset for Vince McMahon, with her popularity on the NXT Roster becoming successful. When transferring this Japanese female Wrestler to the WWE Main Roster, popularity dwindled for Kari Sane. This wasn’t faulted of her own but of writers who created a horrendous storyline. Based entirely of racist views of Japanese culture, most Asian Viewers of the WWE backlashed against her character. It created numerous roadblocks that were hard to overcome.

These challenges prompted Kari Sane to go the extra mile when competing in the WWE Ring. It forced multiple injuries onto her body, with the last being Career-Ending. It’s suspected her upcoming matches will have minimal action to ensure that this injury doesn’t grow more robust. It’s suspected that a head injury sustained during TLC 2019 could’ve prompted her exit from the WWE.

Kari Sane is small when considering other female Wrestler & cannot sustain additional injuries to her body. It was mutually decided that she’ll leave her position on the WWE Main Roster, returning to Japan with her husband. Vince McMahon hopes to provide Kari Sane with a notable ending, which will be hard to accomplish. It should be clarified that by leaving the WWE earlier than anticipated, Kari Sane will likely avoid contracting COVID-19 with the wrestling leagues recent outbreak of the coronavirus.