Jon Moxley Explains Why He Decided To Leave WWE

Jon Moxley is well aware of the fact that fans are overly excited about a possible wrestling war between the WWE going head-to-head against the AEW. That’s all good and well. However, it doesn’t explain why the former wrestler decided to depart on 1 May 2019 from WWE when his contract came to an end.

Jon Moxley Opens Up in Podcast with Chris Jericho

During an emotional and open interview on the Chris Jericho podcast on Wednesday, Jon Moxley talked about a wide variety of things during his time in the WWE, including his unhappiness with the overall creative process as well as his interactions with Vince McMahon. One of the first things that he wanted to get off his chest was the fact that he was done entirely with WWE even if there was another company with a primetime television deal with the famous TNT. Moxley stated that although there’s a possible war between the WWE and AEW, his reason for leaving extends far beyond that. He continued by saying that even if there weren’t any promotional work outside the world of WWE, he still would have left the organization.

After leaving WWE, Jon Moxley decided to sign a brand-new contract with none other than AEW. He is extremely grateful for the eight years he spent with WWE that allowed him to grow as an adult. However, the creative process at WWE wore him down considerably, where he got physically sick in every show that led to his depression. He also stated that he told everything about how he felt and what he disliked about the WWE to the CEO before he decided to leave the organization.

The Creative Process at WWE is Horrible According to Moxley

Jon Moxley stated that the creative process used by WWE didn’t allow his character to evolve at all. It also didn’t let him say what he wanted to say to his fans. Moxley stated that the writers used to give him ridiculous speeches and stories to follow that he never truly understood. It never led to anything concrete and only made his character look worse and worse in front of thousands of spectators.

Moxley also confirmed that he had a strong feeling that he would leave the WWE in July 2018 after he returned from an injury. While he was recovering, Moxley watched tons of concerts where the performers managed to connect successfully with the audience. It was something that he wanted to achieve in the world of wrestling. However, once he made his return, he soon realized that it would never be a possibility while he was with WWE. Since he joined the AEW, Moxley has been happier, more excited, and has tons of freedom that he never had at WWE. He can impress himself more and be himself to ensure his character goes in the direction he wants his role to go.