Jon Huber Dies from Lung Illness

An unfortunate announcement was issued by the WWE & AEW. It was revealed that Jon Huber had died at forty-one, with details regarding that death being issued. Huber sustained an unknown lung illness that medical personnel fought diligently, with the AEW confirming the sickness wasn’t related to Covid. Individuals unfamiliar of Jon Huber’s characters would know him at Brodie Lee & Luke Harper. The character of Luke Harper was introduced during Huber’s WWE era, with Brodie Lee arriving when joining the AEW.

Tributes have been issued worldwide from supporters, friends, and family. The wife of Huber released a statement regarding his death on December 27th. She mentioned that Jon died alongside his family & friends, that she had lost her best friend and the greatest father you’d ever witness. Amanda Huber’s statements ended with expressing how broken she feels & how much love she has for Job.

Supporters known Luke Harper competed in the WWE for nearly ten years, facing various opponents of legendary status. Influential matches in his career included bouts with Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Romain Reigns, and Kane. Huber’s success flourished with tag-team matches but that didn’t exclude him from prominent matches under the singles division. His talents became feared & enabled Jon Huber to acquire the Intercontinental Championship, WWEs highest honor.

Goodbye to Huber’s Harper & Lee

That isn’t the exclusive title sustained by Huber throughout his ten-year career. Under the namesake of Luke Harper, Jon would acquire the “WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship” before leaving the wrestling league. Supporters wouldn’t witness his return until joining the AEW in March 2020, prompting his immediate rise through the rankings. Huber would compete for the “AEW World Title” as Brodie Lee in May 2020. He’d lose to Cody Rhodes but still played an influential role for both wrestling leagues. Huber will be sorely missed & mourned for years to come. Details regarding a replacement for AEWs Brodie Lee hasn’t bee issued, with the roster expected to become shorter by one for a prolonged period.