John Cena on State of the WWE

The WWE has experienced a huge issue due to the coronavirus pandemic after it had to halt all live touring. Subsequently, all recent episodes of its NXT, RAW and Smackdown events have had to be taped at the Performance Centre. That has resulted in a loss of revenue due to the lack of fans attending the events since the shutdown in March. Collectively, the combination of the has seen the WWE’s revenue taking a serious hit resulting in the organization having to layoff staff until such time as they can once again return to fan based live shows.

In April, twenty-five staff members, including wrestlers, were terminated. However, while the WWE is feeling the impact, its owner Vince McMahon isn’t, but the life of its star wrestlers is far from what it used to be. Without fans in attendance, the job of performing the complicated moves becomes that much more difficult.

However, its most notable current star, John Cena believes a few stars have what it takes to help keep the company running at full steam while it navigates the pandemic era. Talking about the current climate, Cena said: “Bray is obviously doing a great job. And Seth Rollins has done an unbelievable job of adapting to a crowdless environment. Rollins is putting on a master class at the moment. The key is knowing your audience. I believe if the live audience is having a good time at a live event, then you as a viewer at home are having a good time.”

Cena added that it is difficult for not to play for the fans sitting near the ring, before adding: “There are no people anymore.” A lot of times when there’s an audience, you really can lean on your ability to produce action. You cannot do that now. Wyatt is also impressing. The viewer at home no longer gets caught up in the energy of the live crowd. It’s literally asking someone to unlearn what they’ve learned, and that’s a bold risk. And a lot of people are not comfortable taking those risks.”

The suggestion made by Cena that Rollins and Wyatt are the top stars of the WWE right now is one hard to negate. The storylines are often the most exciting when features on Smackdown and RAW. However, that does not mean the other stars are failing to draw an audience. The WWE’s current champion, Drew McIntyre is having a great run and has been putting on fantastic matches. The unfortunate part is, there are no fans in attendance, and that has an impact on the wrestlers who thrive off fan feedback.