John Cena Appearing at TLC

One of the most influential stars in WWE could be making his much-desired reappearance in 2019. John Cena publicly released a photo on his Instagram, relating to his time with the WWE. This photo stated, “Keep Calm and Keep the Streak Going,” which most fans have referenced towards his return. The rarity this Instagram’s post anonymity has WWE Fans speculating on when his inevitable return to the franchise will take place. Most have concluded that John Cena will return at the TLC Pay-Per-View Event in 2019.

Throughout his history with the World Wrestling Entertainment league, John Cena has made an appearance at PPV Event for 17 consecutive years. Cena has one final chance in 2019 not to break his streak, but production schedules relating to his acting career could force this decision upon the “Never Give Up” wrestler. This doesn’t mean Cena won’t make his return in 2020, with the Instagram post indicating his inevitable reappearance. The last time that John Cena appeared in a wrestling pay-per-view event was in October 2019 at the Super Show-Down. Before that event, he hadn’t wrestled since January 7th and 14th in 2018. It should be noted that John Cena has publicly expressed his excitement towards returning to WWE. Vince McMahon will undoubtedly allow his poster boy to return.

Cena’s Acting Career

Wrestling fans were disappointed when John Cena began his acting career. It meant that he would never work full-time with WWE. Though these fans can see Cena in leading roles going forward, such as his upcoming villainous portrayal in Hobs & Shaw 2. This will be the perfect moment for wrestling fans who have been eagerly awaiting another battle between John Cena and the Rock. It’s anticipated that Cena’s breakout role in Hobbs & Shaw 2 won’t be in theatres until 2021 – 22. Afterwards, it’s expected that he will begin to land permanent leading roles in action/thriller films. As always, we will provide our readers with any new information on John Cena’s wrestling or acting career. Stay tuned!