Jerry Lawler Signs New WWE Contract

Fanatics of wrestling are thrilled to find out that Jerry Lawler, the Hall of Famer, will remain with the WWE for another three years going forward. This wrestling icon currently works under the Raw Announcement Team. Lawler made this announcement at Galaxy-Con, which was then confirmed that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

When asked by the Wrestling Observer how Lawler felt on the new deal, the Hall of Famer noted that he wasn’t expecting to remain under the announce team with Dio Maddin and Vic Joseph. Jerry Lawler mentioned that this position was never meant to be long-term but grew to be one of the most significant moments in his career. Acting as the veteran presence for the Raw Announcement Team, he has enabled for the unit to remain a pivotal force in the WWE.

Vince McMahon, along with multiple individuals close to the head of the WWE, feels that Jerry Lawler has accomplished his goals of assisting Joseph and Maddin with their announcing career. It was anticipated that Maddin would eventually take on Jerry Lawler’s roles, with this confirmation guaranteeing that the iconic wrestler will remain with the WWE until 2023.

Lawler Publicly Opens Up

Jerry Lawler has been vocal about the multiple contracts he maintains with the WWE. Through these various agreements, Lawler can participate in non-company events. The deals supported by Jerry include a Legends, Talent and Announcing Contract. When speaking with reporters at the Wrestling Observer, he clarified that this is the same contract he’s been under for more than two decades. Only the Undertaker rivals Jerry Lawler’s length of career in the WWE.

The iconic hall of fame wrestling also noted that these announcing events provide him with a good payday at retirement age. Ultimately, everyone participating in these events is working for their paycheque. Significant crowds of fans come to see wrestlers partake in televised or live contests. Lawler confirmed that the best thing about WWE is that his career has sustained more extended periods than countless athletes. This is why wrestlers like the Undertaker, the Rock, Brett Hart and many others have returned to the ring numerous times after retirement.

WWE needs iconic wrestlers such as Jerry Lawler going forward. The wrestling league is having to compete with AEW, who has stolen some of their stars and fans. However, most wrestling fanatics claim that the immersion involved around AEW is incredibly decreased when compared to the WWE. Battles have been rehearsed and scripted, which is something all wrestling leagues should try to avoid.