Jeff Hardy Makes Addiction Problems Public in WWE

There have been few instances of excitement for Vince McMahon’s Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. The Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted numerous changes onto the WWE operations, coinciding with the same period of AEWs growth. It’s meant a notable decline in viewership for the WWE in 2020. However, that could change with the upcoming “Hell in a Cell” match. Jeff Hardy is slated to compete against Elias, with Hardy understanding what’s being risked with this match.

Jeff “The Charismatic Enigma” Hardy has maintained a prolonged career in the WWE, which has seen multiple retirements & returns. Supporters weren’t ever aware to why Jeff Hardy continually left the roster, with it being revealed that for two decades the WWE Superstar has struggled with alcohol abuse. Vince McMahon has regularly stood by Jeff Hardy, giving the 43-year-old multiple opportunities to showcase his worth.

Living a sober lifestyle hasn’t easily been accomplished for Jeff Hardy. However, every instance of the wrestler regaining his composure saw a notable rise in his popularity. When speaking with WWE Magazine in August 2020, Jeff Hardy admitted that this is his last opportunity to finish his career correctly. He’d confirm that since the age of twenty, there have been continuous battles with alcoholism & addiction. Though Hardy has maintained a sober lifestyle for prolonged periods, typical of genuine addicts, he’s returned to alcohol for emotional sympathy.

The Episodic Storyline of Addiction

It’s believed that Jeff Hardy has gained greater composure over his addictions & alcoholism, with his regular battle being introduced into his episodic storyline. Reactions towards the updated storyline for Jeff Hardy have been mixed, with most believing that Vince McMahon shouldn’t be making profits of his wrestlers’ addictions. However, WWE fans have seen Jeff Hardy fight in a fake bar on SmackDown in July 2020.

When speaking with WWE Magazine, Jeff Hardy confirmed that before his contract ends in 2024, he’ll look towards becoming the WWE Champion & Universal Champion. It’d mark a formidable end for Jeff Hardy, who’s maintained a 28-year career in the wrestling league. Few have managed this timeframe other than “The Undertaker”.