Indie Wrestling’s Jimmy Rave Retires

An unexpected retirement was announced for “Indie Wrestling”, a smaller league that introduces new talent for possible acquisition with AEW or WWE. It was announced that a prominent star in Indie Wrestling has retired after sustaining an unexpected injury. It was announced by Jimmy Rave that medical personnel informed him of an infection in the left-arm, with the exclusive viable option being amputation for survival. Jimmy Rave has subsequently had his left-arm amputated, prompting his immediate retirement.

Jimmy Rave made the announcement on Twitter, with the Ex-ROH Wrestler making a prolonged statement that saw thanks issued towards numerous personnel that assisted him in his career. Jimmy Rave would wrestle professionally for 21 years, before a prominent force in “Indie Wrestling” and “ROH Wrestling”. The talents displayed by Jimmy Rave were never enough to excite largescale leagues like AEW. However, the amputated wrestler mentioned how blessed he’d been for living out his dream for two decades.

An infection in Jimmy Rave’s left-arm was located by medical personnel on November 24th, with the surgery occurring on the 25th. Doctors informed Jimmy that healing the infection wouldn’t be possible & amputation was required. Details on what infection was sustained in Rave’s left-arm wasn’t provided, with most analysts suspecting it relates to twenty years of wrestling.

The History of Jimmy Rave

Jimmy Rave will be remembered by older supporters for decades to come, with Rave first making his debut in wrestling with ROH. His skillsets would enable contract approval from “Total Nonstop Action”, which is commonly known as TNA or Impact Wrestling. His most notable storyline was fought alongside ROHs Embassy Group, which became a prominent part of TNAs growth in the 90s. Jimmy ended his career competing in “Indie Wrestling”, with aspirations to compete in “All Elite Wrestling”. That dream won’t ever be accomplished now.