Hulk Hogan Out of the Ring for Good

It has been about seven odd years since his fans saw Hulk Hogan in action for the last time. There has always been a ray of hope that maybe he will return once again. This week, however, he announced that he is done with wrestling for good. No return to the ring for this wrestling giant ever back.

Numerous Surgeries to Recover

Over Hogan’s wrestling career, he suffered many injuries which required surgery, not only to get him back in the ring but also to improve his quality of life. In past years each of his knees had to be scoped four times before they were finally replaced. He also underwent nine surgeries to his back. Although Hogan had high hopes that fusion in his back will keep him in the ring, just like with Shawn Michaels who have left and could return after the fusion on his back was done. This didn’t work out as planned for Hogan. The operation was done at a place which Hogan recalls as being called Laser Spine. He mentioned in a conversation on the Steve Austin Show that this operation led to some complications and more surgeries were needed. It was all over for him after the first operation. In the end, the amount of bone carved away was too much, and he can’t come back to the ring at all. Hogan had to take a year and a half off to recover from these surgeries. At some stage, he was even told that he wouldn’t be able to walk again, but after the last three surgeries each lasting up to twelve hours, he was able to stand on his own two feet back.

Hogan’s Future

The 66-year-old Hogan is still doing weights but only much lighter weights. He also mentioned that except for the days which his arthritis is causing him some pain, he is mostly feeling fine. Both his parents had arthritis, so he has a clear understanding of how the illness can deteriorate the human body. Hence he is doing all he can to keep on eating organically and stick to drinking his vitamins. Although he has been gone from WWE for many years now, it seems that he has been welcomed back into the wrestling family. He made some short WWE appearances recently. The rumours are also doing the rounds that Hogan might be part of the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Although Hogan is already in the Hall of Fame with other wrestling household names in the likings of Hall and Nash, he is also part of the founding group of the New World Order in wrestling which since 1990, dominated the wrestling world. It is for his role in this order that he might be considered again for induction. Another rumour still to be confirmed is Hogan’s possible return to a significant television role even before the induction for 2020.