How NXT Goes Forward Without Tommaso Ciampa

How does one recover after losing the heart and soul of NXT weeks before the largest show of the yearly wrestling calendar occurs? The heart and soul of the NXT is none other than Tommaso Ciampa, a unique character that is considered as black as a moonless night. However, his overwhelming ability to embody all that is evil in the world has managed to carry the main event of NXT for most of the past 12 months since he made his return to WrestleMania during the weekend.

Tommaso Ciampa Injury

WWE recently confirmed that Ciampa suffered a severe neck injury that will require surgery which the phenomenal wrestler will have on Thursday. This creates a TakeOver main event that might have placed a bow on a Johnny Gargano rivalry that’s been taking shape for the last four years. Something that has been standing as an era-defining conflict with the NXT.

So what exactly is Tommaso Ciampa facing going forward? It’s impossible to say without knowing the full extent of his injury or the specific vertebrae that have been damaged. However, given the released details, we can start to understand the enormous challenge that lies ahead. The surgery will consist of an anterior cervical fusion. This means that surgeons will need to approach the wrestler’s spine from the front while fusing two vertebrae’s.

Experts state that there will also be a bone craft to assist in maintaining spacing and spinal alignment. Recovery usually takes up to 6 months, but this could vary significantly as it depends on several factors including a range of motion, healing of the fusion, neurological status, and strength. There’s no denying that Ciampa is considered the most effective bad guy when it comes to WWE. From corrupting classic characters like Gargano to a music-less entrance that managed to draw unbridled anger and obscenities from fans, Ciampa managed to make the most out of his return after a severe knee injury along with his NXT championship reign.

Wrestling Injuries

Injuries are no surprise within the world of wrestling. However, the timing of this injury couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not only were Gargano and Ciampa heading down another interesting twist in their careers, which has witnessed the two wrestlers go from thieves to adversaries to cautious friendships. They also managed to enjoy the best moments in their jobs alongside each other in the past month. After participating in the Halftime Heat at the Super Bowl, the two made their main roster debuts together at Raw and Smackdown a couple of weeks ago.

The stage was ready for a 4th TakeOver fight between Ciampa and Gargano where Gargano had the opportunity to finally break the NXT champion or to be defeated horribly by Ciampa. Unfortunately, this will no longer occur due to Ciampa’s injury. We hope that the surgery goes well and that the healing process is quick as Ciampa has someone to face upon his return. That’s if he decided to return of course.