Hana Kimura Possibly Committed Suicide

Supporters behind Professional Japanese Wrestling were saddened & shocked to learn that Hana Kimura had died. She became a notable athlete in Stardom Wrestling after appearing on the “Terrace House”, a television series for Netflix. The Kimura Organisation announced her passing and requested that fans remain respectful during this time of mourning. Though the cause of death wasn’t confirmed, it’s speculated that Hana Kimura might’ve committed suicide. This follows an extensive level of cyber-bullying over social media, which was reflected by her posts. Social media postings indicated that Hana Kimura was ready to take her life. One photo showed an image of her cat and had the caption “Goodbye”. It’d be a few days later that Hana Kimura would die. It should be noted that there isn’t an official confirmation on how the Stardom Wrestler passed. However, all evidence leads towards suicide.

Hana began being targeted by fans of the Stardom Wrestling League after winning the “2019 Fighting Spirit Award”. Publicly issued remarks against Hana increased once she joined Terrace House, the Japanese Reality Television Show. After it was cancelled because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, an influx of hateful remarks were issued by ignorant civilians. Thousands of hateful messages can be seen over a thirty-day period on her social media feeds. This includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It should be noted that Hana Kimura was slated to become a wrestling legend like her mother, Kyoko Kimura. Similar levels of popularity would never be obtained by Hana.

Concerning Statements

Stardom Wrestling PR Reps confirmed this unfortunate new alongside the Kimura Organization. They requested that fans don’t question the upcoming process, instead provide prayers and well-wishes towards the Kimura family. When reviewing her social media feeds after Hana’s death, a variety of sentiments are seen. Hateful civilians praise her suspect suicide and others regard their disgust towards the ignorant. Hana would make a final statement via Twitter before dying. The statement remarked that Hana didn’t want to be human anymore, that this was a life she wanted to love but couldn’t. She thanked everyone for trying & mentioned her love towards the Kimura family. The final word would be “Bye”. Hana Kimura’s social media feed would go dark afterwards.