Fox & USA Network Angered by RAW Ratings

Viewership for Vince McMahon’s WWE has continued to dampen over the last two years. Networks allowing for the wrestling series to appear on national broadcasts are beginning to make demands from CEO Vince McMahon, with those corporate entities being the USA Network & FOX. Record low ratings prompted these demands, with an average of 12% being lost between both broadcasters. One-week prior saw 1.737 Million Viewers, with the Fourteenths Monday Night Raw seeing 1.527 Million Viewers. That’s a significant downgrade compared to 2020s record high of Nine Million for national broadcasts. Covid-19s Pandemic prompted supporters to witness highlights via YouTube, with WWE’s presence on social media platforms growing tremendously since March 2020.

Broadcasters like FOX & USA Network demand specific viewership numbers be sustained, with that extending towards yearly profits. Monetary gains earned by the USA Network are higher than Foxs, with $430 Million expected in 2020. Anticipated earnings for FOX haven’t been detailed. This emphasizes the minimal profits that WWE brings for the Disney-owned broadcaster. Walt Disney Corp. is eliminating properties with minimal payments, meaning Vince McMahon’s WWE could be terminated from FOX. Profits gained by USA Network guarantees that the wrestling series will sustain broadcasts for 2021. Record low ratings have prompted FOX & the USA Network to demand adult content of violent & dark natures, similar to the “Attitude Era” in the 90s. Supporters have requested broadcasters for 23 years to permit CEO Vince McMahon to initiate that era of wrestling again. It appears those requests are being adhered with the demands for violent & dark competitions in the WWE.

The Royale Rumble Reset

Several variations of Monday Night Raw & Friday Night Smackdown have been created throughout the last twelve months. No other series for the WWE have prompted higher viewership. RAW Dark, RAW Underground, and RAW Retribution were all considered failures. That’s because of limitations initiated by broadcasters. Vince McMahon cannot revolutionize the WWE until FOX & the USA Network remove those limitations. Inside sources note that 2021 Royale Rumble will be considered a league-wide reset. Negotiations to remove restrictions have begun according to this inside source, meaning another “Attitude Era” could come sooner than later for WWE Supporters.