Formula 1 Car Dimensions Pushed to the Limit by Cesaro

It’s quite rare to find an athlete that is 6-5, 230lb attempting to squeeze himself into a Formula One car that is tightly confined, even for a regular driver. It’s worth mentioning to anyone who wants to try this in the future that it can be done. You merely need to remove the entire headrest and seat first to achieve it successfully.

WWE Star Cesaro

Cesaro, the WWE star that was born in Switzerland and a six-time tag-team champion, successfully squeezed himself inside the Toro Rosso cockpit ahead of the Grand Prix in Spain where he was an honoured guest throughout the weekend of Formula One.

Cesaro was joking over the weekend that he was hoping to take the Formula One car with him to London where he would mark the beginning of the European Tour on Monday Night Raw. He wanted to drive the car to the ring. However, he knew that this would never be possible even though it would be a significant improvement on the red British taxi and phone booth on the ramp.

Cesaro did have a better idea, though where he would involve the driver who managed to win the race on Sunday. He wanted to invite Lewis Hamilton to the ring instead, stating that the world-class driver should join in on a WWE event shortly.

Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the most famous Formula One drivers today. He even received a hug and a good luck message from Neymar, who is an incredible football player from Brazil. Cesaro, who managed to grow up watching Formula One, believes that Lewis Hamilton could be a perfect fit in the world of wrestling.

Cesaro started watching Formula One when Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna was still on the track. He was also watching Formula One during the Michael Schumacher era and believes that Lewis Hamilton has the skill and ability even to surpass the Ferrari legend. He also stated that Lewis Hamilton has been dominating Formula One for the last few years and therefore believes that he would be ideally suited for a WW event.

Cesaro in the Formula One Paddock

In a Formula One paddock that is usually way too serious, it was refreshing to find a professional wrestling star, also known for providing tons of laughter, doing his own thing and having tons of fun with the beautiful and weird things around him. The athlete from Switzerland even assisted the team by conducting a practice pit-stop where he helped change a tyre in only 2.2 seconds.

There’s no denying that Cesaro stood out in a Formula One paddock as most of the people are way under 6-foot tall. And even though most of them are allowed to bulk up ahead of the Formula One season, none of them could compare to the physique of the pro wrestler. Overall, Cesaro had a fantastic time, one that he will never be able to forget.