First Case of COVID-19 for WWE

Shortly after Vince McMahon confirmed that the XFL had shut down all operations for 2020, it was learned that the WWE had experienced their first confirmed case of COVID-19. This individual is an “On-Screen Talent” but not mentioned under the roster conditions. Remarks released by the WWE express that the risk is low for the overall workforce and athletes under this fighting competition. The infected individual was comprised by his roommate, who works in the Healthcare Industry. This unknown talent wasn’t part of the WWE Television Production and was told to leave the building after showing symptoms of the virus. It should be mentioned that this individual hasn’t come into contact with WWE since being a confirmed case.

This On-Screen Talent could’ve infected multiple individuals before entering self-quarantine. Representatives confirmed that this wrestler attended a dinner party before visiting the WWE Set, which is taping all events for the foreseeable future. After medical experts with the WWE picked up on notable COVID-19 signs, he was immediately removed from the building. It should be mentioned that Vince McMahon will continue to broadcast and film these weekly events, even with the first confirmation of the virus in his wrestling league. It could prompt a significant outbreak of the virus throughout the next months. It’s why notable athletes like Roman Reigns, John Cena and the Edge have refused to attend any of the live tapings.

WrestleMania 36 Coronavirus Concerns

There are significant concerns regarding COVID-19 within the WWE Camp. Even though Vince McMahon has forcibly implemented precautions to ensure the safety of his wrestlers, it’s not hard for the virus to spread between one talent to another. Their bodies are continuously touching each other and spreading germs. The Centre of Disease Control and Prevention has urged Vince McMahon to cancel these live tapings, which the WWE President has refused. It should be noted that Roman Reigns has removed himself from competing at WrestleMania 36. This follows after he previously had Leukemia, meaning his immune system is comprised. WWE’s latest star would die if he acquired the COVID-19 virus. It’s suspected that multiple other wrestlers will follow Roman’s lead.