Fans of WWE Received Exactly What They Needed at WrestleMania 35

It’s quite rare that fans of WWE get everything they need from a WrestleMania show. One or two of the huge favourites usually break through with massive, feel-good moments. However, for narrative purposes, it usually doesn’t provide a long-term story, especially when the heroes manage to sweep past all the villains at the same time.

Fans Received it All

However, on rare occasions, such as the WrestleMania 35 show on Sunday at the MetLife Stadium, the predominant will of the adoring fans were answered in true fashion and style. The trio of victories from Kofi Kingston, Seth Rollings, and Becky Lynch, who collectively grabbed all the biggest titles in the WWE in one evening, represents this exact moment for the Universe of the WWE. All three wins represent moments in history that will radiate forward with great effect and signal a phenomenal shift at the top of a power structure of the talent pool in the WWE on both SmackDown and Raw.

Even though each of these wrestler’s journeys has been quite distinct, they all share common threads. Lynch and Kingston each managed to fight to pick themselves up for the main-event in spite of sizable fan support, and both of them managed to find the right catalyst to create a movement within the industry that would lead them to the greatest success story to date. Although Rollings climbed to the top on multiple occasions before his win against Brock Lesnar, his important role as a locker room leader and workhorse is fuelled by the same type of passion and love for wrestling that draw fans to Lynch and Kingston.

Most fans were in doubt whether the powers that be could elect to eventually make all three wins possible. However, they finally anchored the story of WrestleMania 35. However, Kofi Kingston was smiling when he talked about everyone working themselves to death before the main event took place.

Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch Comments on WrestleMania 35

“It’s extremely remarkable to be part of such an important event,” Kofi Kingston stated on Monday morning. “Everyone is essentially an analyst on social media and everybody has their own prediction of what is going to happen. One of the most popular predictions was that there is no chance that all three wrestlers would win in WrestleMania 35. Therefore, it was quite phenomenal as everything you think is going to happen never does.

“It’s extremely rare that WWE fans are completely satisfied with everything, right? That’s due to self-conflict because we are always fighting,” Becky Lynch stated. You can never predict each and every fight or who is going to win at the end and who will lose. There will always be loads of options that you don’t consider. Sometimes you might be up, and sometimes you might be down. However, it feels like we all received universal satisfaction after last night, and I have to admit that it’s quite amazing.