Failure for WWE’s Retribution on Monday Night RAW

Vince McMahon’s WWE revealed their latest team of wrestlers on September 21st. Retribution made their first appearance on Monday Night Raw, which saw comedic criticism from at-home supporters & back-stage personnel. Rumours regarding the introduction of Retribution wasn’t ever mentioned by WWE inside sources, with their move from NXT to WWE shocking the community.

When Monday Night Raw on September 21st had ended, viewers saw Retribution open & close the entertainment venue. That somehow meant that in-between their official screen time, Retribution was permitted to do whatever they felt needed. This resulted in notable criticism from supporters, with hilarious jokes being made online. Humorous moments surrounding Team Retribution was inevitable, with their names being childish & non-threatening.

One wrestling is named Slapjack, and another Mace. It should be mentioned that prior to joining the WWE, Retribution was a dominate force on NXT. Even though Vince McMahon owns both these wrestling networks, Retribution signed a renegotiated contract for increased pay & greater presences on the WWE than NXT. This means fans can expect seeing Team Retribution with every Monday’s Night RAW.

Mia Yim, Dio Madden, and Dominick Dijakovic are the three wrestlers that create Team Retribution. They’ve moved from the NXT Side Roster to the WWE Main Roster. It’s unknown if their salaries were increased. However, it’s been revealed that while competing under the WWE, additional members of Team Retribution will be added. This became known when several members of Retributions attacked “The Hurt Business Team”. Massive fights occurred throughout the ring, and Team Retribution outnumbering their three opponents.

Better Antagonists Needed

Twitter’s “WrestleVotes” released a tweet, where he emphasized an inside source backstage had informed him that WWE personnel were laughing at Team Retribution. That same source suggested Team Retribution had become a widely discussed & serious topic amongst WWE personnel. That seriousness was destroyed the moment Team Retribution walked out. Slapjack, Mace, and T-Bird wore ridiculous clothing while representing their offensive names. Wrestling analysts believe Vince McMahon won’t sustain Team Retribution for a long period. Lack of popularity will force the ageing CEO to alter antagonist storylines, which have suffered in recent years.