Edge Comments on NXT, AEW, and WWE Broadcasting Competition

It’s not often that professional wrestlers will openly discuss the broadcast rivalries seen between the WWE, NXT, and AEW. Most have remained quiet with Vince McMahon openly cancelling contracts & forcing notable competitors like Jericho to switch over to the AEW. Considering that WWE is the pinnacle of professional wrestling, the sports top athletes often refuse to go against their boss. This wasn’t the case for WWE Hall of Fame, “The Edge”. Appearing on the ScreenRant Podcast, Adam “The Edge” Copeland was interviewed on the current landscape of professional wrestling. He didn’t hesitate to converse on the WWE, AEW Dynamite, and NXT broadcasting wars. October 2019 marked the date when all three shows began competing for viewers on the same weekly date of Wednesday. Adam Copeland emphasized that competition is essential, and that supports of professional wrestling will look back to this period as historical.

Edge doesn’t oppose this mindset, incentivizing that competition amongst wrestling broadcasts are favourable for the sport. It’s because all personnel associated with that respective show must enhance their talents, ensuring that viewers watch their broadcasts & not the competitions. Adam “The Edge” Copeland remarked that performance from the supporter’s favourite wrestlers is destined to approve after this broadcasting competition. Adam Copeland than aimed the UFC, noting that maintaining a singular studio like MGM isn’t favourable for the industry. It creates a monopoly effect that can force the sport into a stalemate with minimal action. That hasn’t been the care for Dana White’s UFC but could quickly flip in a moment’s notice.

The Former Era

Younger supporters of professional wrestling aren’t aware that there were several leagues previously. This was the era where Edge was young, watching each league he could. He noted that an entire culture was built around positive competition, seeing wrestling magazines become a desirable commodity throughout America. Adam “The Edge” Copeland hopes that history can repeat itself with this scenario, breathing life back into professional wrestling. It should be mentioned that Edge returned to professional wrestling after nine years in 2020. His storyline prompted a feud with Randy Orton, his former teammate. Edge would inevitably tear his triceps, forcing Adam Copeland to be sidelined for eight months.