Details for the 2020 WWE Draft

Shocking developments regarding the future of WWE has been announced, with the revelation that Seth Rollins is leaving Monday Night’s RAW & that “The New Day” is being separated. Results from the WWE 2020 Draft have proven disappointing for a large percentage of wrestlers, who were hoping to sustain their current positions & move forward on growing storylines.

It appears that Vince McMahon has thought differently, creating multiple chances to evoke higher viewership ratings. WWE CEO Vince McMahon desperately needs profits from his wrestling league to increase, with the XFL failing for a 2nd time because of COVID-19. Creating different rosters & storylines for RAW or SmackDown is one of the few methods McMahon has to generate new profits.

Night One of WWEs 2020 Draft saw Monday Night RAW’s leading star leave the competition. Seth Rollins is now moving towards Friday Nights SmackDown, marking his first appearance on the premier wrestling event since being drafted into the WWE. Seth Rollins became a prominent force on RAW after his 2016 draft, but popularity has minorly decreased over 2020. Switching Rollins to Friday Nights SmackDown will possibly see former fans return to visit Seth’s new storylines. Before that occurs, his rivalry with Dominick & Rey Mysterio must close-out.

Most RAW supporters are disappointed with the announcement that Seth Rollins is leaving for Friday Nights SmackDown. His termination from RAW means an alteration of character status, with “The Monday Night Messiah” now becoming “The SmackDown Savior”. It’s suspected that Seth Rollins will begin his time on SmackDown by November 1st. However, no official details have been provided on his first match. Rollins must finish storylines for RAW before leaving for SmackDown.

The New Day

Details from the 1st Night of WWEs 2020 Draft also saw “The New Day” parting with BigE. That means Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods are losing the third part to their three-person squad. Expect their new storylines to surround redemption & return, with Kofi Kingston looking notably upset by the draft results. The Ex-WWE Champion will strategize how to get BigE back onto RAW, instead of Friday Nights SmackDown. Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods are still drafted to Monday Nights RAW.