Derrick Lewis Wrestles Ilir Latifi to Victory

UFC 247 resulted in some unexpected fights with judge results that were considered horrendous by countless individuals. One matchup that wasn’t wrongly judged was the Heavyweight Bout between Derrick Lewis and Ilir Latifi. It was an incredibly close fight that saw both opponents struggle in the clinch, with Derick Lewis ultimately coming out victorious against his opponent. It was anticipated that Ilir Latifi would employ Greco-Roman wrestling skillsets to defeat his opponent. However, Derick Lewis managed to out-wrestle Latifi in his first heavyweight matchup. Most are shocked that Ilir Latifi performed at this level for his 1st bout in the heavyweight class, with him first having a slow start and nearly being taken down with a flying knee.

When the second round began, Ilir Latifi began displaying formidable skillsets and landed several leg kicks. The relent and destructive Derick Lewis performed persistent punches, which caught Latifi off guard and forced them back into the clinch. Anytime the two men were clinching in the first three rounds saw victory for Ilir. This made the fight incredibly close with the voting records, forcing Lewis to fight drastically hard in the third round. He launched two flying knees, landing one of them and completed assaulting punches. Latifi managed to shock Derick Lewis and perform a takedown to the ground. Immediately he threw fists to the kidneys in the final second minute. Most determined that even with the formidable performance shown by Ilir Latifi, Derick Lewis performed better with minimal training involved.

The Last Assault

The final moment that guaranteed victory for Derick Lewis was landing a final head kick of Ilir Latifi in the last minute, which immediately stunned him. Falling to the clinch, Lewis took control and threw multiple elbows against his head. This was nearly a moment when Ilir Latifi tapped but was able to remove himself from the grasp of Lewis. Promptly, Derick performed an uppercut before the final horn. These quick and rampant assaults on Ilir allowed for Derick Lewis to come victorious. However, it was the closest match of the night with a combined score of 29-28.