Dave Bautista Moving from the Ring to Tinsel Town

There were others before him, moving from the ring onto the big screen. John Cena and Dwayne Johnson managed it very successfully, and now Dave Bautista is retiring from wrestling and is adamant to never return to the ring.

Wrestling Career

Bautista began his wrestling career in 1999 at the age of 30. He signed with the World Wrestling Federation the following year. He had a great job in the wrestling ring and was World Champion six times during this period. He won the WWE Championship twice and the World Heavyweight Championship four times. This made him the record holder for holding the World Heavyweight Champion title the longest ever. 2005 Royal Rumble winner and three-time winner of the World Tag Team Championship, he also joined WrestleMania21, which is one of the most watched and highest pay-per-view events in the world of wrestling.

The Start of an Acting Career

In 2006 Bautista began his acting career and made it big with The Man with the Iron Fists in 2012. Riddick quickly followed this, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre, Blade Runner 2049 and Avengers: Infinity War, the 2018 Marvel release. In March this year, Bautista with the rest of the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, backed director James Gunn, after Disney fired him for tweets he made about rape and paedophilia. Bautista wanted to be recast if Gunn wasn’t re-appointed. Gunn was shortly after back in his position as director.


Bautista, now 50 states that his departure doesn’t imply that he won’t ever be involved in wrestling again. At the moment though he is promoting his new film, Stuber and is focusing on his acting career. Unlike Cena and Johnson, he is just not planning on getting back into the ring ever again. Not for a match nor for a promotion.

His decision followed shortly after returning lately to compete for WrestleMania. In this match he was up against Triple H. He lost a decision against Triple H, which indicate that his character that of Leviathan is now entirely written out of the books of the wrestling world. His announcement of retirement was also combined with his statement that All Elite Wrestling is a competition, but not great and not a threat at all to WWE. His claims that WWE has such a significant network with NXT camps all over, that they are already busy preparing the champions to come and that all Elite Wrestling is not on the same level, seems valid. He also admitted that he is still loving the show and the industry and will go back on the show, but not back in the ring.

It seems that the loyal Dave Bautista fans will from now on have to shift their focus to the big screen to see their idol in action and judging on the success of his acting career, there won’t be any shortage in worth watching.