12/21/85-Year of 1985 Review

1.-Bad to the Bone Music Video of Bob Armstrong
2.–Solie with the Fuller Brothers/Armstrongs interviews
3.–A look at Exotic Adrean Street
4.–Musically look at the nightmares/Solie with Rich’s


1.MASK VS MASK-Bullet vs The Flame
2.Boomer H Lynch vs Big Dave Durman
3.Mr Olympia vs William Tabb
4.CCW TV Champion Roberto Soto vs Luscious Robert Fuller- TC


1.Tommy and Johnny Rich vs Inferno and Larry Clark-Tar and Feather
2.Exotic Adrean Street vs Jason Walker- Maxine attacks with Austin
3.Tim Horner vs Paul Brown
4.CCW TV Title Robert Fuller vs Brad Armstrong


1.Southeastern Champion Adrian Street vs Norvel Austin- TC
2.Mr Olympia and Boomer H Lynch vs William Tabb and Josh Shroad
3.CCW TV TITLE Robert Fuller vs Brad Armstrong -TC
4.The Bullet vs Ken Glover
5.–A Big Brawl with the Nightmares and the RIch’s


1.US JR Champion Tim Horner vs Ken Timbs
2.SE Tag Champions Nightmares vs Roberto Soto and Lee Parks
3.Roberto Soto vs Alan Martin

2/1/86-Tracking is HELL-Not much to see first half

1.Robert Fuller vs Wild Bill Wilkins
2.Jr Champion Dneey Brown vs Tim Horner
3.Freeman, Soto, Steve Armstrong vs Timbs, Olympia, Lynn- ELimination
_(6:00)__Q is OK-Good_______________________________________________


1.-The Ending of SE Champion Wendell Cooley vs Adrean Street
2.The Bullet vs El Fuego-Fuego Burns
3.CCW Champion Jerry Stubbs vs Brad Armstrong- TC
4.Tim Horner vs Mike Fever
5.SE Tag Champs Tommy Rich + Steve Armstrong vs Fuller and Golden-TC


1.Tommy Rich and Steve Armstrong vs Snake Brown and Invader
2.JR Champion Tim Horner vs Roy Lee Welch
3.Scott Armstrong vs Mike Hendley
4.SE Champion Wendell Cooley vs Adrean Street
5.Golden, Fuller and Pritchard vs Al Scott, Tim Harvey and Eliminator


1.Dirty White Boy vs Larry Clark
2.Frankie Lancaster vs Jerry Stubbs
3.SE Champion Wendell Cooley vs Exotic Adrean Street
4.The Bullet vs Dutch Mantell


1.-Tim Horner beat up in locker room finds belt but gets beat up
2.SE Champion Wendell Cooley vs Dirty White Boy
3.CCW Champion Jerry Stubbs vs Scott Armstrong
4.CAGE- Golden, Fuller and Pritchard vs Steve Armstrong,Rich, Intern
5.The Bullet vs Larry Wright

2/28/87-!st 15 Minutes are not there

1.SE Tag Champions Nightmares vs Dirty White Boy and Jerry Stubbs- TC
2.Buddy Landell vs Al Scott
3.SE Champion Wendell Cooley vs Kris Von Colt
4.CCW Champion Tennesse Stud vs Rip Rogers


1.Champion Wendell Cooley vs Chris VOn Colt
2.–Music Video of FUller and Golden
3.-US JR Champion Larry Hamilton vs Tom Pritchard
4.-Kevin Sullivan vs Doug Furnas
5.The Shogun vs Jimmy Spear
6.CCW Champion Tennesse Stud Robert Fuller vs Buddy Landell


1.Wendell Cooley vs Los Lobos
2.–Video-Life with the Flea Bag-Rogers and Brenda Out
3.Nightmares vs The Outlaws
4.Benny Traylor and Jerry Garvin vs New Guinnea Warriors
5.SE Tag Champions DWB and Jerry Stubbs vs Fuller and Golden


1.Wendell Cooley vs Shogun
2.Fuller and Golden vs Rip Rogers and the Executioner
3.CAGE-SE Tag Champs DWB and Stubbs vs Nightmares


1.Yuri and Vlademire Goryenko vs Keith Hart and Jackie Reed
2.Adrian Street vs Rick COnners
3.Doug Furnas vs Terminal Man
4.CCW Champion Buddy Landell vs Wendell cooley- Wrestling II


1.–Jerry Lawler Promo on his new AWA belt with Missy Hyatt
2.–Curt Hennig with Missy Hyatt Postmatch
3.R2B Tourney-Shane Douglas vs Ken Wayne
4.–Tom Pritchard beaten up in parking lot by DWB with bottle
5.Hyatt with Paul E Dangerously and Eddie Gilbert-Humongous Out
6.Platt and Hyatt enlist Mark Young as PVT Pyle/Haircut by DI Carter
7.Tag Champions Armstrong and Smothers vs 2 Jobbers


1.Shane Douglas and Ricky Nelson vs Humongous and Detroit Demolition
2.10,000 Challenge to fan in crowd- Gilbert destroys him
3.Danny Davis vs Prvt Kyle
4.Willie B Hurt vs PRvt Mark Kyle- Hurt pins DI
5.SE Tag Champion Tracy Smothers vs Danny Davis-Wayne attacks -TC
6.5/2/88-Memphis- Gilbert Defeats Lawler-Promo with Paul and Eddie
7.Lord Humongous victorious-attacks Bruno


1.–Reviews-Hyatt and Platt Reviews Humongous
2.–DangerZone with Ausin Idol-Offers Payoff
3–Review then US JR Champ Kenny Wayne vs Ricky Nelson-Fake reconcile
4.-Missy with Detroit Demolition, Pyle DI and present-Humongous
5.-Paul E Promo with Hyatt-Eddie Gilbert home promo, Stubbs/Paul
6.Brother Ernest introduced Samoan Warrior Sika vs Jobber
7.Southern Boys vs Pyle and ?


1.CWF Tag Champions Detroit Demolition and DI vs WB Hurt & Jarrett
2.-Eddie Gilbert fakes injury and attacks Mr Olympia
3.Dirty White Boy vs The Blue Cyclone


1.Danny Davis vs Alan Martin and Missy interview
2.Dr Tom Pritchard vs Dirty White Boy-Bambi attacks Mystic-Promo


1.Lord Humongous vs Alan Martin -attacked with Bat by Demo
2.Austin Idol vs Mark Pyle- DBW and Mystic Promo
3.Promo with Danny BAvis/Gilbert attacks with Embry
4.Mr Olympia vs Eddie Gilbert
5.–Charlie Platt with AWA Champion Jerry Lawler


1.AWA Champion Jerry Lawler vs Austin Idol -Gilbert Fireball
2.CWF Tag Champions DI and Demolition vs WB Hurt and Pritchard
3.Mr Olympia vs Ken Wayne
4.Danny Davis vs Dirty White Boy
5.-Jerry Lawler explains about belt on plane, Paul E out
6.AWA Champion Jerry LAwler vs Ken Wayne- Gilbert Burns Ref
7.–Ernest Angel tries to get Humongous to join Samoans


1.Platt with Don West, Paul E and Gilbert-Attack WBhurt Fan
2.CWF Tag Champions DI and Kyle vs Humongous and Shane Douglas -TC


1.–Pedicino and Platt with New US CHampion Danny Davis
2.Dr Tom Pritchard vs Mike Star
3.CWF Tag Champions Humongus and DOuglas vs DI and D Demolition
4.–Missy Hyatt interviews Paul E Dangerously in the office
5.–Platt with Samoans, Alan Martin, DI and a verbage
6.–PAul E and GIlbert attack Sam Lowe the photographer/Idol Brawl


1.-ending-US JR Champ Danny Davis vs Ken Wayne- TC
2.-Platt and Pedicino with Paul E,Gilbert and a legend Burhan Jones
3.Rick Hazzard vs Private Pyle- Sika and Kokina attack
4.Austin Idol vs Turbo Ted
5.Jerry Stubbs vs Nightmare Freddy


1.Platt with Bullet, Stubbs and DWB attack
2.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs The Invader
3.10/3/88-Pritchard vs DWB where he wins the belt
4.Johnny and Davey Rich vs The Count and Grappler 2
5.Willie B Hurt vs Chuck Allen
6.Mr Chono vs The Equalizer
7.10/3/88 US JR Champion Ken Wayne vs Danny Davis-Shaves Head
8.Bullet gets jumped and saved by friends and foes


1.Brad Armstrong vs Private Pyle
2.CWF Tag Champions DWB and Jerry Stubbs vs Humongous and Tim Horner
3.Mr Chono vs Lee Peaks
4.US Jr Champion Ken Wayne vs Danny Davis
5.Grappler 2 vs Bucky Seagler
6.Johnny and Davey Rich vs Equalizer and Invader


1.Danny Davis vs Grappler II
2.Brad Armstrong vs Greg Brown
3.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs THe Grappler II
4.Davey and Johnny Rich vs Black Assasin and The Hornet
5.Mr Chono vs Tim Horner
6.Willie B Hurt vs JD Wolf


1.Kokina Maximus and Detroit Demo vs Lee Peaks and Ronny THomas
2.Tim Horner vs Private Pyle
3.Dirty White Boy and Jerry Stubbs vs Bullet and Brad Armstrong
4.Suoer Dave Baxter vs Ed Price
5.Johnny and davey Rich vs Greg Brown and JD Wolfe


1.Platt with Ken Wayne-Davis attacks from under ring
2.Bullet and Brad Armstrong vs DWB and Stubbs
3.Super Dave Baxter vs Randy Hogan
4.Willie B Hurt vs Gene Miller
5.Private Pyle vs Lee Peaks
6.TOm Pritchard vs BA Burton
7.PArty Patrol vs JB wolf and The Count
Also includes Shiek vs Andre from Detroit-Eye injury
Pampero Firpo vs Jeff Doney
Brody and Casey vs Spoiler and Kininski
Lawler and Savage vs Bundy and Rude


1.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Brad Armstrong-Turns heel
2.Rich’s vs Detroit Demolition and Blade Warrior
3.Doug Furnas vs Terry Adonis
4.Kokina Maximus vs Jobber
5.Super Dave vs JD Wolff
6.Black Bart vs Rick Keller
7.Storm Trooper vs Ronnie Thomas
8.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Lee Peak


1.RPM Mike Davis vs Randy Hogan
2.-Review-Debut Mr Chono vs Equalizer
3.Black Bart vs Josh Stroud
4.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Duece Mason
5.–Music Video Jerry Lawler AWA champion Turn the Page
6.-USA Vid of Week-Terry Gordy
7.-CWA look at Stud Stable
8.Tag Champions Stubbs and DWB vs Barber and Mike JAckson


1.CWF Tag Champions DWB and Stubbs vs chuck and Anthony
2.–Jeff Jarrett Music Video
3.Rich’s vs Randy Barber and JAson Walker
4.Kokina Maximus vs Randy Hogan and William Hollis
5.Black Bart vs Bucky Seigler-Upset loss
6.Brad Armstrong vs The Hunter
7.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Brad Armstrong


1.Mr Chono and RPM Davis vs Tod Condrey and Randy Hogan
2.US JR HY ChampDanny Davis vs The Hunter
3.Mike Jackson vs The Count
4.Black Bart vs King Harley
5.CWF Tag Champions DWB and Stubbs vs Willam Hollis and Falcon
6.CWF Champion TOm Pritchard vs The Bullet-Brad Under Mask


1.Austin Idol vs Pat Rose
2.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Duece Mason
3.Black Bart vs Tim Dawson
4.Terry Gordy vs Russian Assasin
5.The Hunters vs Richard Smith and Lee Peak
6.Chono and RPM vs jobbers

12/31/88-Quality gets crappy here a bit

1.CWF Champion Tom Pritchard vs Brad Armstrong-heels
2.Danny Davis vs JD Wolf
3.Black Bart vs Bucky Ziegler
4.Storm Trooper vs Rick Keller
5.Doug Furnas vs The Count
6.Willie B Hurt vs Terry Adonis


1.Terry Gordy vs Pat Rose
2.Doug Furnas and Danny Davis vs Machine and Count
3.The Hunters vs Bucky Ziegler and Brad Anderson
4.Austin Idol vs Tim Dawson
5.The Dog vs Mr Martin
6.Wendell Cooley vs Russian Assasin
7.Party Patrol vs Chono and RPM


1.Terry GOrdy vs Black Bart
2.Butch Cassidy vs Masked Midget
3.US JR Champ Danny Davis vs Pat Rose
4.USA Champion The Tennesee Stud vs Bo Elliot
5.Mr Chono and RPM vs Gene Spurlock and Buddy Marlowe Jr

ICW Wrestling TV Show 1989
Robbie Ellis vs Eric Sbraccia
Vic Steamboat vs Dave Powers
Ivan Putski vs Chaos 1


1.Butch Cassidy and Doug Furnas vs Mr Martin and Masked Midget
2.USA Champion Tennesse Stud vs Dirty WHite Boy
3.Brad Anderson vs Bo Elliot
4.Party Patrol vs The Count and Tim Dawson
5.Wendell Cooley vs Gene Spurlock


1.Wendell Cooley vs Mr Martin
2.Black Bart vs Brad Anderson
3.Bill Dundee vs Scott Sadlin
4.Mr Chono vs Rob Morgan
5.Terry Gordy vs Rip Rogers
6.Doug Furnas and Danny Davis vs Alaskan Hunters

Also:NWA Champion Ric Flair vs Lex Luger HandHeld

4/9/89- Spring Update Edition

1.L/W Continental Casket Funeral for CWF Cat
2.Rich’s vs RPM and Chono
3.Hunters vs Rick Valentino and Brad Anderson
4.CWF Champion TOm Pritchard vs Wendell Cooley
5.Todd Morton and Danny Davis vs CObra and Mr Allen Martin


1.CWF Tag Champions Party Patrol vs Mr MArtin and Blade Warrior
2.CWF Champion TOm Pritchard vs Bill Holiday
3.RPM And Chono vs David Elder and Buddy Gold
4.Cooley, Davis and Todd Morton vs Alaskan Hunters and Bill Dundee


1.Tom Pritchard and Blade Warrior vs Todd Morton and Danny Davis
2.Don The Stomper Harris vs Bill Holiday
3.Wendell Cooley vs Bill Dundee
4.Danny Davis vs Eddie Sweat
5.Jackie Fulton vs Brett Holiday
6.Party Patrol and Kerry Von Erich vs Chono,RPM and Mr Martin


1.Danny Davis and Jackie Fulton vs CBlade Warrior and Brad Holiday
2.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Eddie Sweat
3.CWF Tag Champions Party Patrol vs Mr Chono and RPM
4.-Platt with Adrian Street and Miss Linda/RPM and Chono Out
5.Ricky and Todd Morton vs Bret Holiday and The Cobra


1.Stomper Don Harris vs Dave Elder
2.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Lou Fabiano
3.RPM and Mr Chono vs Jackie Fulton and Scott Smith
4.-Jim Cornette promo on Midnight Express coming to CWF
5.Adrean Street and Bill Dundee vs JT Walton and The Auditor
6.Ricky and Todd Morton vs Louie Spicolia and Auditor #2-Pritchard
7.US Jr Champion danny Davis vs Kevin Dillinger


1.US Jr Champion Kevin Dillinger vs Scott Smith
2.Botswana Beast vs David Elder and JT Walton-with Randy Hales
3.Bill Dundee and Adrian Street vs Lou Fabiano and Lou Spicoli
4.Todd Morton vs Don The Stomper Harris
5.Jackie Fulton and Wendell Cooley vs Chono and RPM


1.Danny Davis vs Don Sanders
2.–Adrean Street and Bill Dundee Music Video
3.Stomper Don Harris vs Mike Anthony
4.Bill Dundee and Adrian Street vs RPM and Chono
5.Botswana Beast vs Matthew Burns
6.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Russian Destroyer
7.-Footage of the Stomper on USA Wrestling with Ron Wright-Bullet
8.Ricky and Todd Morton vs Lou Fabiano and Kevin Dillinger


1.Ricky and Todd Morton vs Clarence Jackson and Lou Fabiano
2.Stomper Don Harris vs Mathew Burns
3.-Music Video of Beauty and THe Beast coming to CWF
4.Bill Dundee and Adrian Street vs Don Sanders and Russian Destroyer
5.CWF Tag Champions Chono and RPM vs Jackie Fulton and Danny Davis


1.Ricky and Todd Morton vs The Auditor and Louie Spicolia
2.–Platt with Ricky Morton-Pritchard attacks
3.Butch Cassidy vs The Masked Midget
4.-Beauty and The Beast in a workout at home
5.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Lou Fabiano


1.Bill Dundee vs Kevin Dilliger
2.–Another Look ar Beauty and The Beast at Salon
3.Tom Pritchard and Don Harris vs Jackie Fulton and Mike Surevich
4.Terry The Beauty Garvin vs Thomas Lively
5.Mike Davis vs Greg Brown
6.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Don Sanders
7.Exotic Adrian Street vs Thomas Ivey-Beauty out
8.Todd and Ricky Morton and Davis vs Fabiano,Spicoli,Johnny Gilbert


1.Tom Pritchard and Don Harris vs Thomas Lively and Greg Brown
2.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Thomas Ivey
3.RIcky and Todd Morton vs Kevin Dilliger and Johnny Gilbert
4.Bill Dundee vs Don Sanders
5.Terry The Beauty Garvin vs Mike Surevich
6.Adrian Street vs Louie Spicoli
7.Danny Davis and Jackie Fulton vs Lou Fabiano and RPM

Music Videos of MAny MAny Talents of CWF/CWA
__(5:31)___Q-OK but tracking issues on and off on tape______________

CWF #111 10/21/89

1.Southern Boys vs Panther and Scrap Iron
2.CWF Champion Dennis Condrey vs The Avenger
3.Video then-Cactus Jack vs Curt Allen
4.CWF Tag Champions Golden and Lee vs Johnny Gilbert and Jerry Stubbs
5.Todd Morton vs Mark Guillian the Beast

CWF #112 10/28/89

1.Southern Boys vs The Intruders
2.Cactus Jack Mansen vs The Panther
3.Mark Guillian The BEast vs Chief Little Red
4.Adrian Street and Todd Morton vs African Assasin and Lou Fabiano
5.-Platt with Dennis COndrey-Stud Stable, Stubbs, Brawl

CWF #113 11/4/89

1.Lee, GOlden and Cactus JAck vs PAnther,Little Lynn and Daryll Hall
2.Jerry Stubbs vs Lou Fabiano
3.CWF Champion Dennis Condrey vs Johnny Gilbert
4.Southern Boys and Dixie Dynomite vs Eliminators and Mercenary
5.Adrian Street vs Mark Guillian The Beast

CWF #114 11/11/89

1.Southern Boys vs Panther and Mad Max
2.Brickhouse Brown vs THe Gladiator
3.Lee, Golden,Fuller vs Dean Ho, Daryl Hall and Chief Lynn
4.CWF Champion Dennis Condrey vs Brad Armstrong

CWF 6/24/89

1.Danny Davis vs Kevin Dilliger
2.CWF Tag Champions Mongolian Stomper and GOlden vs Fantastic Fultons
3.Todd Morton vs Carl Fergie
4.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Russian Destroyer
5.Sam Houston vs L A Stephens (ACW)

CWF 7/1/89

1.Sam Houston vs Gene Ligins (ACW)
2.Party Patrol vs Kevin Dilliger and Lou Fabiano
3.Danny Davis vs Russian Destroyer
4.CWF Champion Wendell Cooley vs Don The Stomper Harris
5.Ricky Morton vs Tom Pritchard-CHAIN MATCH- NO ENDING