ZD1-CZW March Violence (3/99)

ZD2-CZW Winner Takes All (1999)

ZD3-CZW Ultraviolent 1999

ZD4-CZW The Staple Gun (3-27-99)

ZD5-CZW X-Pelled (1999)
CZW Climbing The Ladder (1999)

ZD6-CZW StreetFight (7-17-99)

ZD7-CZW The War Begins (1999)

ZD8-CZW Pyramid of Hell (8/21/99)

ZD9-CZW Cage Of Death (10-16-99)

ZD10-CZW A Night of Main Events (2-5-00)

ZD11-CZW Bloodbath (2-8-00)

ZD12-CZW A Living Hell (5-6-00)

ZD13-CZW vs Big Japan TV (August 2000)

ZD14-CZW Rules Were Made To Be Broken (10/7/00)

ZD15-CZW Caged to The End (2000)

ZD16-CZW Jersey Rulz (11-11-00)

ZD17-CZW Cage Of Death 2 (2000)

ZD18-CZW Smyrna, DE (1/20/01)

ZD19-CZW Crushing The Competition (2/10/01)

ZD20-CZW Break On Thru (2-17-01)

ZD21-CZW The War at Station 44 (3-10-01)Smyrna,DE

ZD22-CZW Enter THe Zone (3-17-01)Sewell,NJ

ZD23-CZW Dover, DE (4-4-01)

ZD24-CZW The Boss Is Back (4-7-01)Sewell,NJ

ZD25-CZW Un-F’N Believable (4-14-01)Smyrna,DE

ZD26-CZW High Stakes (5-11-02)Phili,PA

ZD27-CZW Stretchered in Smyrna (5-12-01)Smyrna,DE

ZD28-CZW Best of The Best Jr. Tourneyment (5/19/01) Sewell,NJ

ZD29-CZW Take 1 (6-8-01)Sewell,NJ

ZD30-CZW BreakAway Brawl (6/9/01)Smyrna,DE

ZD31-CZW A New Beginning (7/7/01)Sewell,NJ

ZD32-CZW H8 Club is Dead (7-14-01)

ZD33-CZW Who’s The Boss (8-11-01)

ZD34-CZW Tables, Ladders and Violence (8-18-01)

ZD35-CZW September Slam (9-8-01)

ZD36-CZW They Said It Couldn’t Be Done..Again (9-22-01)

ZD37-CZW-Enough Is Enough (9-29-01)

ZD38-CZW And Justice For All (10-27-01)

ZD39-CZW Cage Of Death 3 ECW invasion (12-15-01)Phili,PA

ZD40-CZW Out With The Old, In With The New (3-9-02)

ZD41-CZW A Higher Level Of Pain (4-13-02)

ZD42-CZW Best of The Best Tourneyment 2 (6/8/02)Trent Acid

ZD43-CZW Danzigs UltraViolent Tournament Of Death(8-31-02)

ZD44-CZW Vineland, NJ (9-7-02)

ZD45-CZW Sanctioned In Blood (9-28-02)

ZD46-CZW Beyond The Barrier (10-12-02)

ZD47-CZW A Night Of Infamy (11-9-02)

ZD48-CZW Cage Of Death 4 (12/14/02)

ZD49-CZW Best Of The Best 3 (4/13/03)

ZD50-CZW Extreme 8 (6/28/03)

ZD51-CZW DeJaVu 2 (7/20/03)

ZD52-CZW Tournament of Death 2: {Nick Mondo}: (7/26/03)

ZD53-CZW Respect (8/23/03)