CM Punk Announced Interest in Pro-Wrestling

CM Punk left WWE in 2014, but he continued to make the headlines. Now he is talking about returning to pro-wrestling. During his time away from the ring, Punk has been involved in commentating for MMA, and he even had a couple of movie appearances, but with the option of AEW as well as the fact that WWE is now partnering with FOX, returning to the ring seems to be much nearer in his future than before.

Punk Talking About Returning

Punk was featured on the Barstool Sports’ podcast, My Mom’s Basement, to promote Girl on the Third Floor, his latest movie. The conversation turned to Punk’s desire to return to the ring and getting back into pro wrestling once again. This is the first time since he left five years ago that Punk seems to be open to enter the ring once again. He stated that the question of whether he would return has often been asked, often been misinterpreted and commonly used as clickbait, but thinking back now; he has always been open to it, it was merely his attitude which had to change. This did change now. Before he couldn’t see it happen, now he can.

His Opinion on AEW and WWE

Punk stated that he could see that both promotion companies are enjoying the advantage of various rumours spread by the media and fans. He also noted that both promoters led supporters on to think that he is coming back when he wasn’t. The announcement of mystery opponents always somehow made fans believe that it would be him returning to the ring, and the promoters used that to their advantage. He said that he has no problem with that and that they did indeed send him a text with an offer on which he replied that he only accepts real offers. On whether he will go to AEW, he stated that they have little content to go by since they are still new in the industry. He also aired his thoughts that he might be considered hard to approach in the industry. He refers to himself as the white whale of wrestling, and that might be freaking people out.

Offers Received

It seems that it wasn’t only AEW and WWE who have been trying their luck by approaching Punk. He also had an unusual approach from Master P via the social media platform, Instagram. Master P recently acquired House of Glory Wrestling. Yet supporters need to accept the fact that even if Hogan and Bret Hart have returned to the ring, it doesn’t mean that he will too. He doesn’t compare himself to them. Alternatively, he says, supporters state that if he returns it would be due to him needing money, which is also not the case. The bottom line though is Punk will always remain a fan of the sport, regardless of whether he is in the ring or not. When he returns if so, remains a mystery and the only certainty is that he is now much more open to the idea.