Chris Jericho Discusses AEWs Success

All Elite Wrestling, it’s become a formidable success that regularly outrivals Vince McMahon’s WWE. Nobody anticipated that AEW would overtake WWE in weekly ratings. However, better storylines & realistic wrestling has permitted All Elite Wrestling to dominate over “Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment”. Multiple wrestlers that were previously contracted with the WWE have moved over to AEW, including Chris Jericho. The former AEW & WWE Champion discussed why All Elite Wrestling had reached notable success, gaining higher ratings with viewers weekly.

An interview was held between Chris Jericho & Yahoo Sports. The Ex-Champion was questioned on how AEW has grown to notable success. Chris Jericho revealed that during AEWs creation, multiple goals had been set out to increase the level of action & interaction for wrestling fans. Reaching these goals with wrestling staff, organizers, and executives enabled their rapid growth. Goals included:

  • Creative Storylines.
  • Real Wrestling.
  • Long-Term Rivalries.

Chris Jericho would also discuss his prominent role in creating AEWs success. Jericho was the exclusive wrestler with notable fame that’d joined All Elite Wrestling. He’d rally for AEW in marketing campaigns, interviews, and TV advertisements. His skillsets & popularity as former champion in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment saw immediate high ratings, which continued to grow since January 2019.

Reporters with Yahoo Sports questioned Chris Jericho on his thoughts behind the “Rating War” with WWE. Jericho mentioned that AEW hadn’t ever started some war again Vince McMahon on weekly ratings. Sentiments from Jericho confirmed that AEW is unconcerned with the operations of NXT and WWE. All Elite Wrestling does enjoy defeating WWE weekly in the ratings with continued growth, according to Chris Jericho.

The interview with Yahoo Sports ended with Chris Jericho stating his time with AEW has included nothing but passion. However, Jericho has mentioned multiple times that competing under WWE was mentally exhausting & had nearly destroyed his love of professional wrestling various times. It’d be because of wrestlers like Seth Rollins & Romain Reigns that Chris Jericho continued his WWE contract. However, the moment a better opportunity arose, the former champion joined All Elite Wrestling. It’s a decision that blindsided Vince McMahon & something that Chris Jericho has never regretted.