Chris Hemsworth is Playing Hulk Hogan in Netflix Movie

Portray of WWE Wrestlers in a Hollywood setting hasn’t ever been managed before, with the concept appearing unfavourable & unprofitable for in-consideration studios. Netflix would be the first powerhouse development studio to greenlight a dramatic film around a WWE Wrestler, with the Hall of Famer selected being Hulk Hogan. It’s fitting that Hulk Hogan would be selected for the 1st dramatic film around a member of the WWE roster. Speculation regarding this film had been active for months around Hollywood circles until 2019, with Hulk Hogan himself being the first to confirm Chris Hemsworth is playing the “Alright Brother”.

Hulk Hogan went to his Twitter & addressed thousands of supporters, indicating through photograph that Chris Hemsworth is playing “The Hulkster” for Netflix. The photo shows Hemsworth moving a transport truck-sized tyre forward with his bare muscles, which requires extensive strength beyond what most are capable of accomplishing. When addressing his thousands of supporters, Hulk Hogan said that Chris Hemsworth is “Ready Brother” to play the Hulkster.

Evidence that Chris Hemsworth was playing Hulk Hogan for Netflix was first released in February 2019. It was revealed that the man who plays Thor for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe would enter a new genre of acting, preparing himself for a “Biopic” surrounding the iconic wrestler. The film will centre around the earlier career of Hulk Hogan, and the prominent rise to “Hulk-A-Mania” for the WWE.

Physical Preparation

When Chris Hemsworth was questioned by reporters what physical preparation will be required to play Hulk Hogan, the Thor actor clarified that it’d be beyond anything he experienced & didn’t look forward to working out at the volumes required to accomplish the Hulk’s body frame. It should be noted that Hulk Hogan is roughly double the size of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Netflix hasn’t provided updates on the film, with all announcements coming from either Chris Hemsworth of Hulk Hogan. It’s expected that the film will release for September 2021.