CSW-dvd 1
Magnum TA highlights
Interview: Batten Twins & “Slick”
Harley Race vs. Bulldog Brown (lumberjack rules)
Tommy Gilbert interview
Rick Robertson vs. Mike Stone
bruiser brody interview
ed wasinsinski vs pepper gomez

CSW-dvd 2
Kevin the Magnificent vs. Marty Jannetty
Sheik Abdullah the Great vs. Brad Batten
Interview: “Slick”, Timothy Flowers and Art Crews
Bulldog Bob Brown vs. Bruiser Brody (no finish)
Albert Bizzle vs. Ric McCord
Highlights: Kamala vs. Kerry Von Erich
Gary Jackson vs. Mike Stone
Mike Stone interview
Bob Geigel interview
Rich Robertson vs. Grim Reaper
Tommy Gilbert interview
Vince Apollo vs. Mike George (WWA Title match)

CSW-dvd 3
Akio Sato vs. Tommy Wright (TV Title match)
Interview: Bob Brown, “Slick”, Bruiser Brody
Kamala vs. Steve Miller
Bulldog Brown vs. Harley Race (Central State title)
Interview: Harley Race and Bob Geigel
Rufus Jones and Butch Reed vs. Art Crews and Timothy Flowers (joined in progress, no finish)
Masa Chono vs. Steve Ray
TC Carter vs. Joe Lightfoot
Shirley Black interview
Lord Malitar vs. Mike George
Bob Brown interview
Eddie Gilbert “Hot Stuff” video
Ken Timbs vs. Rufus R. Jones

CSW-dvd 4
Rufus Jones and Butch Reed vs. Sheik Abdullah & Tarzan Goto
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Gomer
Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty vs. Timothy Flowers and Art Crews (joined in progress)
Magnum TA highlights
Interview: Batten Twins & “Slick”
Harley Race vs. Bulldog Brown (lumberjack rules)
Tommy Gilbert interview
Rick Robertson vs. Mike Stone
Mike Stone interview
Bruiser Brody tribute
Gary Jackson vs. Solomon Grundy
Interview: Vince Apollo and Ric McCord
TC Carter vs. Tommy Sharp
Interview: Bob Geigel and Mike George
Ric McCord vs. Tommy Gilbert

CSW-dvd 5
Ox Baker introduction
Russell Sapp & Karl Kovac vs. Ric McCord & Vinnie Valentino
“Brenda’s Beauty Shop” with Kovac, Warlod, Sapp and Porkchop Cash
Steve Sypert vs. Dave Peterson
Rip Rogers vs. Bulldog Brown
Bruiser Brody highlights
Bulldog Brown interview
Mr. Pogo vs. Rufus Jones (Central States Title)
Bob Geigel introduction
TC Carter vs. Ken Timbs
Interview: Bulldog Brown, Cuban Assassin, Russell Sapp
Rufus Jones interview
Power Twins vs. Joe Lightfoot and Prince Tapu
Ken Timbs interview
Mike George vs. Masa Chono (WWA title-no finish)

CSW-dvd 6
Steve Cox vs. Russell Sapp
Geigel announces alliance of WWA with World Class Championship Wrestling
Bulldog Brown & Masa Chono vs. Vinnie Valentino & Steve Ray
Steve and Shaun Simpson clip
Interview: Pat O’Connor and Steve Cox
Mike George vs. Chris Adams (O’Connor is special refree)

CSW -All Star Wrestling from Kansas City DVD 7 & 8
Bruiser Brody vs TOmmy SHarpe
Kerry Bronw vs Rob Farlone
Eddie Gilbert vs Billy Howard
Easy Ed Wiskowski vs Dave Nevins
Tommy Gilbert vs Gary Jackson
Chavo and Mondo Guerrero vs Bad COmpany (AWA)
Jason Sterling & Vince Apollo vs Grim Reaper & raven
WWA Champion Bob Geigel vs Roger Have
Soloman Grundy vs Mike Stone
TC Carter vs Rick McCord
Marty Jannetty vs Kevin the Magnificent Kelly
Sheik Abdullah The Great vs Brad Batton (Texas Death)
CSW Champion Bulldog Bob Brown vs Bruiser Brody
Rick McCord vs Albert Bizzel
Kamala vs Kerry VOn Erich (WCCW)
Mike Stone vs Gary Jackson
The Grim Reaper vs Rick Robertson
WWA Champion Mike George vs Vince Apollo
TV Champion Akio Sato vs Tommy Wright
Kamala vs Steve Miller (UWF)
CSW Champion Bob Brown vs Harley Race (title Change)
Art Crews & Timothy Flowers vs Rufus Jones & Butch Reed
TV Champion Massa Chono vs Steve Ray
TC Carter vs Joe Lightfoot
WWA Champion Mike George vs George Malitar
Rufus R Jones vs Ken Timbs
Rufus R Jones & Butch Reed vs Tarzan Goto & Abdullah The Great
Sgt Slaughter vs Gomez (WWF)
Midnight Rockers vs Art Crews & Timothy Flowers
$5000 Headbut Challenge Assassin vs George Wells
NWA Champion Harley Race vs Terry Gibbs
Andre THe Giant & Eddie Gilbert vs Assassin & Rock Hunter