John Cena Appearing at WrestleMania 36

Wrestling fanatics have something to look forward to with the upcoming WrestleMania 36, which is slated for April 5th at the Raymond James Stadium in Florida. It was revealed early from WWE insiders that John Cena would return to the WWE to compete against Elias. Wrestling Observer Radio also noted that AJ Styles would take

Derrick Lewis Wrestles Ilir Latifi to Victory

UFC 247 resulted in some unexpected fights with judge results that were considered horrendous by countless individuals. One matchup that wasn’t wrongly judged was the Heavyweight Bout between Derrick Lewis and Ilir Latifi. It was an incredibly close fight that saw both opponents struggle in the clinch, with Derick Lewis ultimately coming out victorious against

NXT UK Hires New Superstars

The WWE United Kingdom Performance Centre confirmed that four new athletes would join their roster. These individuals will perform under the NXT UK Superstars series, which showcases live events in North London. These new wrestlers include Dani Luna, Pretty Deadly, Candy Floss and Levi Muir. When it applies to the Pretty Deadly Tag Team, Lewis

Wrestlers Re-Emerging at Royal Rumble

Rumours regarding Royal Rumble on January 26th indicate that two unexpected wrestlers could be making their professional re-emergence into the ring. The first individual anticipated to return is Lisa Varon, which would mark her 1st pay-per-view in eleven years. This information follows after insiders with Royal Rumble expressed that Lisa Varon was staying at Minute

Rocky Johnson Passes Away at 75

One of wrestling’s most notable Hall of Famers has passed away. Rocky Johnson passed away from natural causes at seventy-five years of age, with millions coming to support his family with condolences. It took two days but Rocky’s son, Dwayne Johnson, has paid tribute to his father through Instagram. The wrestler turned actor expressed that

Steve Austin on Retirement

It’s been seventeen years since wrestling enthusiasts lost one of their most notable athletes, Steve Austin. This Hall of Famer retired in 2003, determining that the sport was causing to much damage to the body. Austin experienced substantial neck injuries after a failed piledriver, which had begun to plague him throughout training and matches. This

Kingston Wins Moment of the Year

The 2019 season for the WWE was one of it’s most historic and action-packed in decades, bringing back thousands of fans. This was prompted by returning stars and new names creating a legacy for themselves. However, the season ended just before the holidays and a month later, the award show has been completed. One of