Indie Wrestling’s Jimmy Rave Retires

An unexpected retirement was announced for “Indie Wrestling”, a smaller league that introduces new talent for possible acquisition with AEW or WWE. It was announced that a prominent star in Indie Wrestling has retired after sustaining an unexpected injury. It was announced by Jimmy Rave that medical personnel informed him of an infection in the

Tessa Blanchard Terminated Over Controversy

Wrestling supports in North America & Latin America were shocked to hear that Tessa Blanchard from “IMPACT Wrestling” has been fired. She’s had her contracted deemed Null & Void, with her historic world championship title being stripped before it could be defended on July 18th. Tessa Blanchard would’ve competed against Eddie Edwards at Slammiversary, which

Hana Kimura Possibly Committed Suicide

Supporters behind Professional Japanese Wrestling were saddened & shocked to learn that Hana Kimura had died. She became a notable athlete in Stardom Wrestling after appearing on the “Terrace House”, a television series for Netflix. The Kimura Organisation announced her passing and requested that fans remain respectful during this time of mourning. Though the cause

WWE Holiday Ratings

World Wrestling Entertainment has struggled with maintaining a consistent viewership since the departing of John Cena. However, the last month has seen significant growth, with numerous fans returning for regular viewership. The first event was Friday Night SmackDown, which per usual aired on FOX. It saw more than 2.4 million viewers, maintaining a 0.65 rating

WWE Weekly News

This week hasn’t been any less dramatic than others in the world of wrestling. The first big story that was released pertained to Steve Austin, one of the most magnificent Hall of Famer’s in the WWE. Speaking with Sports Illustrated reporters, Stone Cold mentioned who he believes will be the next big name in WWE.

John Cena Appearing at TLC

One of the most influential stars in WWE could be making his much-desired reappearance in 2019. John Cena publicly released a photo on his Instagram, relating to his time with the WWE. This photo stated, “Keep Calm and Keep the Streak Going,” which most fans have referenced towards his return. The rarity this Instagram’s post

WWE Stars Released from Contracts

Luke Harper, Wrong Cara as well as the Rising (Konnor, Viktor) are no more a component of the WWE. The firm has launched all four superstars. The Rising was just one of the most leading and preferred tag groups in NXT. They won the Tag Group Championships by beating Adrian Neville and also Corey Graves

Jerry Lawler Signs New WWE Contract

Fanatics of wrestling are thrilled to find out that Jerry Lawler, the Hall of Famer, will remain with the WWE for another three years going forward. This wrestling icon currently works under the Raw Announcement Team. Lawler made this announcement at Galaxy-Con, which was then confirmed that the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. When asked by the

Randy Orton Talks AEW Rumors

Randy Orton, one of the most famous superstars in the WWE, appeared on the latest episode of After the Bell. He spoke with Corey Graves on various topics regarding the two-decade veterans’ career. The subject changed to the recent rumours that Randy Orton would be joining the AEW, following the likes of Chris Jericho. He