Shaq Brings In the Viewers for AEW

All Elite Wrestling neared a million viewers between November 29th to December 6th, which is influential & shows the quick dominance that AEW has sustained over the WWE. Analysts knew it wouldn’t be long before broadcast numbers exceeded past a million, which arrived on December 9th. Increased viewership arrived after learning of the special guest-star

The Sting Signs with AEW

Wrestling supporters were shocked again by AEW, who unveiled the latest roster member. After matches between tag-teams Darby Allen/Cody Rhodes & Ricky Starks/Powerhouse Hobbs, unexpected brawls took place between the Nightmare Family and Team Taz. The collective of wrestlers prompted excitement from viewers & ticketholders, which seemed dismal after the stadium broke-out in cheers. Fans

AEW Year One Receives a Documentary

All Elite Wrestling is entering their second season after December 31st. However, the first year of this formidable league is being documented to remember the historical growth that AEW experienced. Promoter Tony Khan announced that AEW has partnered with DirectorX, developing a documentary for free viewership to millions. It’ll be named “History of a Revolution”,

Message Sent from Pac to AEW Roster

It’d been rumoured that All Elite Wrestling would reintroduce Pac to their weekly shows after several months of travel restrictions. These rumours were someone correct & incorrect simultaneously, with Pac making his formal remittance into AEW via videoconference. Nobody anticipated the announcements that’d be caused by Benjamin Satterley (Pac) on his video message. He’d reveal

Pac Returning to AEW After Travel Restrictions

All Elite Wrestling has become known for stealing superstars from the WWE. It’s created numerous problems for Vince McMahon, with the WWE Chief Executive Officer having to acquire new & old wrestlers to account for those that’ve parted ways with his decades-old brand. Benjamin Satterley was one of the initial wrestlers that left the WWE

Chris Jericho Discusses AEWs Success

All Elite Wrestling, it’s become a formidable success that regularly outrivals Vince McMahon’s WWE. Nobody anticipated that AEW would overtake WWE in weekly ratings. However, better storylines & realistic wrestling has permitted All Elite Wrestling to dominate over “Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment”. Multiple wrestlers that were previously contracted with the WWE have moved over to AEW,

Taynara Conti Leaves WWE for AEW

Dedicates supporters of “All Elite Wrestling” were excited to learn that another WWE Superstar has been stolen from Vince McMahon. It was announced on September 10th that Taynara Conti would become a permanent addition to the AEW Lineup, and effective immediately disband all connections with the WWE. This news likely shocked supporters who would’ve already

AEW Allows Spectators Back to Live Events

The WWE is continuously battling against their rivals, AEW. It’s prompted a new era in professional wrestling, which sees innovative shows announced & wrestlers are switching leagues to increase their global exposure. The WWE has announced their latest upgrade to Friday Night’s SmackDown & Monday Night’s Raw, confirming their ThunderDome Era has begun. It marks

WWE Moving to Discovery Italy

The Italian wrestling broadcasting market is changing, with WWE leaving Sky Sports Italia & moving owed towards Discovery Italy. It was initially announced on July 1st that the WWE terminated their contract with Sky Sports over financial disputes. AEW took the opportunity of WWE’s exit from this broadcaster, making a contract that was announced on