Chris Jericho Discusses AEWs Success

All Elite Wrestling, it’s become a formidable success that regularly outrivals Vince McMahon’s WWE. Nobody anticipated that AEW would overtake WWE in weekly ratings. However, better storylines & realistic wrestling has permitted All Elite Wrestling to dominate over “Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment”. Multiple wrestlers that were previously contracted with the WWE have moved over to AEW,

Taynara Conti Leaves WWE for AEW

Dedicates supporters of “All Elite Wrestling” were excited to learn that another WWE Superstar has been stolen from Vince McMahon. It was announced on September 10th that Taynara Conti would become a permanent addition to the AEW Lineup, and effective immediately disband all connections with the WWE. This news likely shocked supporters who would’ve already

AEW Allows Spectators Back to Live Events

The WWE is continuously battling against their rivals, AEW. It’s prompted a new era in professional wrestling, which sees innovative shows announced & wrestlers are switching leagues to increase their global exposure. The WWE has announced their latest upgrade to Friday Night’s SmackDown & Monday Night’s Raw, confirming their ThunderDome Era has begun. It marks

WWE Moving to Discovery Italy

The Italian wrestling broadcasting market is changing, with WWE leaving Sky Sports Italia & moving owed towards Discovery Italy. It was initially announced on July 1st that the WWE terminated their contract with Sky Sports over financial disputes. AEW took the opportunity of WWE’s exit from this broadcaster, making a contract that was announced on

AEW Wrestler Confirms Surgery

The extensive athletics required to compete in professional wrestling often results in surgery for competitors. This was proven again with the announcement that Preston Vance, a member in the Dark Order AEW Team, was forced to have surgery earlier last week. This information was revealed directly through Vance’s Twitter Page, where he noted that his

Vince McMahon Targets Roman Reigns

History is repeating itself throughout the WWE, with the egotistical values of Vince McMahon being portrayed in a public manner. The President of this wrestling competition hasn’t allowed for the Roman Reigns name to be used for weeks. This follows after Roman confirmed that his attendance at WrestleMania 36 would be terminated. The battle between

AEW Facing Challenges with Filming During COVID-19

Organizers behind All Elite Wrestling have struggled in filming their weekly venues. Mass gatherings throughout the United States of America have been limited to ten people. That’s made it impossible to support production staffs with AEWs weekly tapings. It prompted AEW Executives to implement a postponement of their 1st season, with AEW unable to return