Brock Lesnar Retirement Looming, Speculation Begins

It’s become commonplace for “WWE Wrestlers” to try their hand at the UFC, often failing & getting savagely beaten by their opponents. There’s been one wrestler to take this challenge seriously, overcome the odds, and defeat his opponents regularly. That individual is Brock Lesnar. It’s known that Brock Lesnar will shortly become a free agent January 1st, 2021. His WWE contract is ending, which has prompted rumours that the former champ could return to the Ultimate Fighting Competition. However, speculation has dampened with UFC President Dana White recommending that Brock Lesnar retires after becoming a free agent.

Dana White was speaking with Sports Illustrated when reporters questioned if Brock Lesnar could make a formal UFC return. It’d be exciting for long-time supporters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who’d initially never thought a wrestler could become the UFC Heavyweight Champion. UFC President Dana White didn’t hesitate to answer with his opinion, publicly providing his former Heavyweight Champion with advice.

An Unlikely Revival

President Dana White evoked that Brock Lesnar shouldn’t make a UFC return, that his finances obtained throughout the last few decades have made him rich. Dana White pointed out that Brock Lesnar is 43 Years Old, the conventional age that fighters will retire & their bodies will begin to fail.
UFCs President did consider Lesnar’s return for one momentum, evoking that under the right conditions, Brock could compete against Jon Jones or Israel Adesanya. Both fights would bring in millions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Dana White would note that Brock Lesnar versus Jon Jones would be a bigger fight to draw in more viewers.

Creator of the UFC & innovator of MMA, Dana White has regularly contested that fighting is for young men. Whenever questioned about the concept of older fighters returning to the octagon, Dana White advises against it for their safety & health condition. Similar sentiments were given when asked about Brock Lesnar. UFCs President noted that Brock Lesnar had accomplished the two biggest goals in professional fighting, becoming the WWE Champion & UFC Heavyweight Champion. Nobody else has achieved this same task.