Braun Strowman Contemplated Suicide Twice

August 30th saw the latest episode of “WWE Chronicle” released to fanatics. This show highlights emotional moments in a wrestler’s career, with notable moments including the Undertaker discussing 20+ years of WrestleMania matches. WWE Chronicle’s most recent episode focuses on Braun Strowman, one of the more prominent names in Vince McMahon’s 2019-20 roster. It’s revealed throughout the episode that there’d been two instances were Braun Strowman considered committing suicide, not knowing if his talents were worthy enough to become a WWE Legend. Negative thoughts prompted Braun Strowman to contact Vince McMahon, requesting that the WWE Chief Executive Officer give him direct insight into where the two stand.

Strowman in this episode of “WWE Chronicle” mentions that McMahon guaranteed that his talents were top of the roster, and his services will be needed for years to come. Before receiving this confidence booster & verbal employment insurance from Vince McMahon, Braun Strowman notes that his stress levels dropped significantly & sleeping wasn’t an issue any longer. Comments made by Braun Strowman on the latest episode of WWE Chronicle, note that there was a period two years ago where he’d had enough of living. Explaining events that unfolded hours after, Strowman remarked that McMahon had him unexpectedly appear in the WWE Headquarters. Braun demanded the two discuss his problems, prompting Vince McMahon to remove all others that were participating in a Production meeting. Strowman emphasized that McMahon spoke to him like a son and not an employee.

Thanks Given to McMahon

Braun Strowman would then publicly thank Vince McMahon for their relationship, that without that conversation he might not be here today. Discussing this subject matter was challenging for Strowman, with the brawling man notably upset & crying on the live production. Braun expressed shock when learning that Vince McMahon cared about his wellbeing, that he felt a part of the WWE family afterwards. Strowman realized he wasn’t another number in the WWE Roster but something important to the company & supporters. The episode of “WWE Chronicle” that aired on August 30th was the second-highest viewed to date. The Undertakers appearance saw higher viewership numbers of 100k. Other episodes from this season saw John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, and Drew McIntyre interviewed as well.