Bill Goldberg New Opponent Appointed

Changes are being made to WrestleMania 36, with Bill Goldberg expected to compete against a new opponent. This followed after Bray Wyatt was dethroned during Super ShowDown. The Fiend wanted a rematch against Goldberg, but it appears that won’t happen, with Vince McMahon having different players for the Hall of Famer. There’d be considerable speculation that there’d be alterations to Goldberg’s WrestleMania fight, with most thinking that Roman Reigns would compete in April. Those speculations weren’t confirmed on March 27th, with it instead being announced that Braun Strowman will compete against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.

Most supporters are disappointed with the announcement that Braun Strowman will take on Goldberg. Speculators believed that a fight between Goldberg and Roman Reigns would’ve seen a considerably better reaction from WWE Fans. Vince McMahon was forced to schedule Braun Strowman after it was revealed that Roman Reigns disassociated himself from this scheduled match. Fears of the Covid-19 Pandemic prompted this notable wrestler to back out of his contractual agreements. It’s unknown if Vince McMahon will implement penalties against Roman Reigns for the unexpected backout.

This left organizers with the WWE Corporation in a challenging and comprising position. They immediately began reviewing the line-up of wrestlers that could compete for a title defence against Goldberg. Decisions were forced promptly due to the proximity of WrestleMania 36. This means that Braun Strowman and Bill Goldberg will compete for the Universal Championship. It’ll be a match-up that defines the remaining 2020 WWE Season. Fans can expect some twists and turns during this match-up, with some speculating that John Cena will attack these men to reclaim his glory as former Universal Champion.

Details of Braun Strowman

It’s been a prolonged period since Braun Strowman was provided with the opportunity to compete for a championship best. This followed after he held the Intercontinental Championship for months on end. He lost that title less than four weeks ago, prompting WWE to provide him with another opportunity. Considering that Goldberg is becoming one of the oldest wrestlers with the WWE, it wouldn’t be surprising if the script leans towards Strowman’s favour. This would mean following the same speculated script for The Fiend or Roman Reigns. It should be noted that a SmackDown episode that leads towards this competition was filmed earlier this week. Strowman could irreversibly replace Roman Reigns for backing down from his contract agreements.