B3-Best of NWA volume ZERO-footage from the 20’s

B4-NWA World Title Changes-Classics of a Century

B39-Ravishing Rick Rude vs World Class Championship Wrestling (1985-1986)

B46-Best of The Lightning Kid in Minnesota and GWF

B49-Stunning Steve Austin USWA Rookie (1990)
Lightning Kid vs Global Wrestling Federation (1991)

B50-Stunning Steve Austin-USWA Rookie Year (6hrs)

B51-Stunning Steve Austin-USWA 90-94

B57-Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman in Calgary Alberta (Mid 80’s)

B58-Bruiser Brody Forever-3 All Japan TV Specials (1987)

B59-Tiger Mask-3 Commercial Tapes
Bam Bam Bigelow & Friends (Com Tape)

B67-Owen Hart in Calgary Alberta, Canada (Mid 80’s)

B68-Owen Hart-Tribute to the King of Hearts (RF Video)

B89-Dynamite Kid-Japan, Stampede, (4 hrs)

B90-Best of the Dynamite Kid

B93-Barbed Wire Brutality FMW, UWF, and more

B94-Best of the Explosion Matches (RF Video)

B95-Best of Sabu 2 & 3
ECW Arena 11-5-94 November to Remember (handheld)

B96-Best of Sabu 4 & 5
ECW Arena 12-17-94 Holiday Hell (handheld)

B97-Best of Sabu in XPW 2000

B99-Mike Awesome Best of
Very Best of Hayabusa (com)and matches

B100-Cactus Jack-UWF,WCCW,CWA

B101-Cactus Jack 2-WCCW

B103-Best of Cactus Jack in Japan
USWA vs ECW-Civil War!

B104-History of the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette

B105-Chris Benoit in Calgary Alberta, Canada (Mid 80’s)

B106-Chris Benoit 80’s-Stampede,Mexico, New Japan

B111-HArdy Boyz in Omega 97 (6 hours)

B113-Dynamic Jerry Lynn Indepedent Rookie

B123-Best of the Freebirds -Continental and Georgia early 80s

B124-Best of the Freebirds volume 2 Georgia and Texas early 80s

B125-Badstreet USA-Fabulous Freebirds
Best of Keijo Muta in New Japan

B126-Best of Vader in Japan (4hrs)

B130-Best of Hulk Hogan in Japan (6hrs)

B143-Hardcore Legend of Eddie Gilbert
The Best of Ken Patera

B144-Best of Bruno Sammartino-Inc. many 8MM Boston Bouts
Best of Superstar Billy Graham-Inc. many 8mm Boston Bouts

B147-Best of Backyard Wrestling volumes 1 & 2 (com.)

B153-Best of Vic Grimes in Power Pro Wrestling

B168-Glow TV – 5 Shows
Best of Abdullah the Butcher in WWC

B169-Most Unusual Moments that Shouldn’t Have Happen(RF Video)

B177-Midget Madness (all Midget matches)

B178-Legend of the Great Muta
Best of the Great Sasuke

B180-Best Of the Great Muta 1 – Birth Of Muta
Best Of the Great Muta 2 – Revenge Of Muta

B181-Best Of the Great Muta 3 – Violent Battles
Best Of the Great Muta 4 – Changing into nWo Muta
Best Of the Great Muta 5 – Muta vs Team 2000

B182-Best of Super Crazy-The Insane Luchador

B183-Best of Kenta Kobashi-The Burning Hammer

B184-Best of Extreme Lucha Libre
Best of IWA Mid South
Best of The Thumb Tack Death Matches

B185-Best of Rey Misterio Jr. in Mexico
Best of Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico

B189-Best of Lobo-One Man Army
Best of Hardcore Nick Gage

B192-Best of the ECW Stars in the Independents

B194-Best of the Spanish Announce Team (S.A.T.)

B195-Best of Jushin Thunder Liger (1990-1991)

B196-Best Of Jushin Thunder Liger (1992-1994)

B203-The Best of Bob Sapp

B205-Kamala-Terrorizing The Territories

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