Becky Lynch Claims Victory During Women’s Royal Rumble

The women’s Royal Rumble in 2018 was unforgettable. The match managed to close out the show and accomplished it grandly. The victory was claimed by Asuka, and Ronda Rousey managed to make her debut in the WWE after the match. This year’s women’s Royal Rumble was just as captivating.

The Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The first entrant was Lacy Evans, who participated in her first main roster matchup on Sunday evening. She was matched with Natalya who managed to record the first elimination of the match when Liv Morgan entered the ring as the fourth entrant who was tossed over there rope in seconds. While the match was moving along, there were several unforgettable moments. Nikki Cross was the eight entrants who managed to storm the ring to knock down Billie Kay off the ramp and performed an incredible cross-body block into five other wrestlers. Tamina was the 10th entrant who provided the second elimination of the evening when she managed to toss out Mickie James.

Charlotte Flair was the 13th entrant and also a favourite to win Royal Rumble. She managed to take out Xia Li as the 11th entrant. The 17th and 19th entries were both surprises as Kacy Catanzaro, and Candice LeRae made their way to the ring. Catanzaro looked like she was eliminated, but walked back to the ring on her hands to re-enter. The 20th entry was Ruby Riot, who was flanked by Logan and Morgan who were already eliminated. They stayed next to the ring and began pulling wrestlers out to soften them up for Riot to remove them. The number 24 entrant was yet another surprise as Rhea Ripley entered the match and started using power moves to make an impact.

Bayley and Alex Bliss arrived at the 26th and 27th entrants where Sonya Deville was eliminated by Bliss, while Bayley took out Ripley and Riot. Lana attempted to enter as the 28th entrant but couldn’t make it to the ring due to an ankle injury, while Nia Jax was the 29th entrant to the match. Carmella entered the game as the 30th entrant.

The Final Participants The final participants included Jax, Bayley, Flair, and Lynch. Bayley was the first to be eliminated as Flair connected her with a boot to send her flying outside the ring. Lynch went under the ropes to help Flair in eliminating Jax. As Lynch attempted to re-enter, Jax pushed her and gave her a knee injury.

This allowed Flair a golden opportunity to work on her leg. Lynch attempted to fight back. However, Flair was persistent. When Flair tried to deliver a boot to Lynch, she merely ducked to send Flair over the rope. A clothesline later managed to send Flair to the ground, allowing Lynch to become the women’s Royal Rumble winner of 2019. Even though it’s not confirmed, it looks like Rousey and Lynch will be fighting against each other at WrestleMania.