Becky Lynch Becomes New Champion at WrestleMania 35

Becky Lynch managed to defeat both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to become the SmackDown and Raw women’s champion to end WrestleMania 35 finally. During the first main-event women’s match at WrestleMania, Becky Lynch managed to give Rousey her first career defeat in the WWE thanks to a flash roll-up where she took full advantage of a rare leveraged situation to claim an instant win. The final decision to end what was a tremendous and physical match unexpectedly and abruptly will be debated for years to come. However, there’s no denying the effort invested or the importance of the game at hand.

Becky Lynch’s Victory at WrestleMania 35

After building an essential following with the audience of WWE, it was quite clear that Lynch was considered the champion of the people from the moment she made her entrance. Rousey and Flair entered with an enormous amount of flash that was on point with the importance surrounding WrestleMania 35. Flair arrived in a helicopter, while Rousey made her entrance with music from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. However, Lynch entered the arena with minimal circumstances and pomp along with a handful of smoke cannons that were shot in the air. She was received with a whirling pyrotechnic display and a roar of applause that signalled the end of WrestleMania and the beginning of a new WWE era.

The Fight Between Rousey, Lynch, and Flair

Although the bell signalled the start of the match around midnight on Monday, the fans in the arena were still as exhilarated as they were throughout the night when Lynch finally managed to pin down Rousey. This closed out a performance where the audience received the same feel-good vibe they received from Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins earlier on in the evening. However, there were several moments during the match when a level of exhaustion was quite clear, taking place 7 hours after the start of WrestleMania 35.

After taking a few moments to get her head into the match, Rousey was quite aggressive during the early stages, bringing down both opponents with many strikes outside the ring. Lynch and Flair, longtime rivals and friends, received a handful of moments to fight each other just before Rousey entered the ring. This caused Lynch and Flair to team up against her. Rousey managed to hold both opponents at bay for a brief moment. However, Lynch had the perfect opportunity to take her down with a running start followed by a drop-kick to send Rousey crashing to the ground with an enormous thud.

It was the beginning of loads of begrudging, creativity, and team-up offence in several directions, allowing each female to get their signature moves in during the match. Each strike was tight; each submission gave the impression that it was the end. However, the fans in the crowd had to push through to the very end to see Lynch claim both titles at the end of the night.