Assault Championship Wrestling was called Acid Pro Wrestling for the first seven shows until the name was changed due to Jason Knight fully running the promotion himself…

AC1-APW Debut Show 11-12-00 Waterbury, CT(Prodigette is a bouncin, Jason, Gertner)

AC2-APW 12-17-00 Plainville, CT (Jason vs Homicide, FBI run in, Gertner)

AC3-APW 2-4-01 Southington, CT (Jason vs Homicide, Gertner)

AC4-APW 3-25-01 Naugatuck, CT (Francine, York, Hamrick, Gertner)

AC5-APW 4-8-01 East Hartford, CT(Missy No Panties, New Jack)

AC6-APW 5-26-01 Waterbury, CT-The Best Things in Life are Free!

AC7-APW 6-9-01 Naugatuck, CT (Hamrick, Dinero)

AC8-ACW 8-24-01 Meriden, CT (Debut, Kash, Balls, Hamrick

AC9-ACW 9-15-01 Meriden, CT -Second Wave

AC10-ACW 10-6-01 Meriden, CT(BAlls, HAmrick,Bobcat)

AC11-ACW 11-24-01 Meriden, CT (Tammy Sytch & Candido)

AC12-ACW 12-22-01 Meriden, CT-The Enemy Within

AC13-ACW 1-26-02 Meriden, CT -Hell To Pay! (10 man War)

AC14-ACW 2-23-02 Waterbury, CT-Direct Hit

AC15-ACW Seek And Destroy 3-30-02 (Meriden, Ct)

AC16-ACW Blood For Blood 5-3-02 (Meriden, CT)

AC17-ACW Carnevil 8-25-02 (North Haven, Ct.)

AC18-ACW November Pain: Balance Of Power 11-03-02 (New Britian, Ct.)

AC19-ACW Dark Offerings 12-01-02 (New Britian, CT.)

AC20-ACW Blood For Blood 5-04-03 (Blood For Blood) (Waterbury, Ct.)

AC21-ACW Carnevil 8-25-02 (North Haven, Ct.)

AC22-ACW Total Impact 10-6-02 (Waterbury, CT)

AC23-ACW November Pain: Balance Of Power 11-03-02(New Britian,CT)

AC24-ACW Dark Offerings 12-01-02 (New Britian, CT.)

AC25-Fury Unleashed 3-14-03 (East Hartford, CT)

AC26-ACW Blood For Blood 5-04-03 (Waterbury, Ct.)

AC27-ACW Road To Damnation 6-8-03 (Waterbury, CT)

AC28-ACW Psychotic Breakdown 7-13-03 (Waterbury, CT)

AC29-ACW Anger Rising 2:Retribution 8-10-03 (Waterbury, CT)

AC30-ACW No Excuses 9-7-03 (Waterbury, CT)

AC31-ACW Chains Unbound 4-19-03 (Hartford, CT)

AC32-ACW Point Blank 3-21-04 (New Britain, CT) PT 1

AC33-ACW Point Blank 3-21-04 (New Britian, CT) PT 2
ACW Awakening 10/10/04 (Waterbury, CT)-Fan Cam-2 Bouts