AEW Year One Receives a Documentary

All Elite Wrestling is entering their second season after December 31st. However, the first year of this formidable league is being documented to remember the historical growth that AEW experienced. Promoter Tony Khan announced that AEW has partnered with DirectorX, developing a documentary for free viewership to millions. It’ll be named “History of a Revolution”, and likely target supporters of professional wrestling leagues like the WWE. Vince McMahon will be disappointed to learn of the documented history for AEW, which isn’t available with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. It’s just another factor that shows AEW was prepared for launch, and McMahon wasn’t decades ago. Those wanting to witness the “AEW: History of a Revolution” documentary can bear witness on November 18th. The documentary will premiere first on TNT, the primary network for AEW. Afterwards, it’ll be released for free viewership on YouTube.

Selecting DirectorX for production of this documentary was an educated decision from AEW Executives. This studio has developed projects for celebrity personalities like Kendrick Lamar, Kayne West, Korn, and numerous others. Education acquired over multiple projects is being compiled into one collective with “AEW: History of a Revolution”. Viewers will receive a quality viewing experience, and DirectorX will earn more prominence throughout the documentary space. The studio has focused on music videos for years & has been looking to explore different markets, with documentary films being the first expansion of DirectorX in years.

Live Shows Addressed

Supporters are excited to watch the documentary, with a large percentage of scheduled matches for All Elite Wrestling cancelled this year. The Covid-19 pandemic altered how AEW approached their production, having to enter similar formats to WWE. The differentiating factor between AEW & WWE during the epidemic is shows like Dynamite are filmed live, with RAW or Smackdown being filmed hours in-advance. It’s expected that AEW will address how they maintained the live format in this documentary. However, no explicit details have been released on what the film will offer for viewers.