AEW Wrestler Confirms Surgery

The extensive athletics required to compete in professional wrestling often results in surgery for competitors. This was proven again with the announcement that Preston Vance, a member in the Dark Order AEW Team, was forced to have surgery earlier last week. This information was revealed directly through Vance’s Twitter Page, where he noted that his visit to the hospital was maintained on May 4th. It’s suspected that this surgery has downgraded the skillsets of Preston Vance, with the Dark Order Leader mentioning that his replacement will be Brodie Lee. This means that Preston is committing to physical rehab, with it not being known if he’ll resume leadership duties after returning to his former athletic standard.

Preston Vance didn’t reveal the extent of his injury & what this surgery directly involved, with there also being zero indicators towards his timeline return. It’s suspected that his delayed involvement with All Elite Wrestling won’t be prolonged. This follows after his rehabilitation workouts began two days after leaving the hospital. Individuals close to Preston Vance noted that his dedication towards professional wrestling is unbelievable, which is evident since creating the Dark Order in 2019. This group has been a formidable force in the AEW since 2020, with Preston Vance’s most recent competitor being Jon Moxley. Standing as the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Vance defeated Moxley is a Non-Title Match. This occurred on May 20th & fans are now eagerly waiting for Preston’s return.

Linda Hogan Banned from AEW

Learning that Preston Vance had inquired an injury during May 20th wasn’t the exclusive headline shocking AEW fans this week. It was also revealed through Tony Khan, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of AEW, that Linda Hogan has been banned from all live venues with his sporting organization. This follows after Tony Khan located recent tweets from Linda Hogan, which regarded the looting seen during riots throughout America. She remarked that “Afro Americans” need to be civilized, that stealing & robbing doesn’t set the record straight. Though her sentiments are agreed upon by millions of Americans, the racial slur used by Linda Hogan is unacceptable & prompted her immediate banning.