AEW Facing Challenges with Filming During COVID-19

Organizers behind All Elite Wrestling have struggled in filming their weekly venues. Mass gatherings throughout the United States of America have been limited to ten people. That’s made it impossible to support production staffs with AEWs weekly tapings. It prompted AEW Executives to implement a postponement of their 1st season, with AEW unable to return until May 20th. It was initially planned to film weekly venues at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. These events were being filmed until the Florida Governor shut down all non-essential businesses. AEW would move their operations to Georgia, with their respective governor implementing similar measures days later. Non-Essential Closures have extended throughout the entirety of America, forcing AEW to cancel their pre-filmed venues until May 20th.

It should be noted that AEW Executives have filmed multiple venues in anticipation of increased legislation. They’ll have enough material to support shows on ESPN and TSN through April 3rd to 15th. It’s expected that several matches will be provided throughout this period. That means supporters of AEW would have to wait a months-long period to be reacquainted with their favourite variation of wrestling. Representatives behind AEW mentioned that this shutdown period would enable organizers and executives to determine the best options moving forward. That could include the creation of multiple strategies to ensure this new brand continues moving forward.

Reports leaked from AEW Insiders notified that Back-Up Strategies are being created to ensure the protection of employed workers, fighters and organizers. The details of those strategies weren’t leaked to reporters. It’s prompted numerous sporting analysts to behind speculating what AEW Executives will implement to ensure brand protection.

Speculation on the Back-Up Strategies

Sporting analysts suspect that AEW Executives are hoping COVID-19 will be over by March 20th. Medical experts believe the period of exposure for this virus could be two years, which will cause prolonged alterations to standard life. Back-Up Strategies are required to ensure brand protection throughout two years. Analysts speculate that AEW Executives will need venues to be organized virtually, with the permitted individuals allowed on-scene being the fighters exclusively. Implementing precautionary measures of this level would ensure the protection of AEW Staff and Wrestlers, with them having to be tested before entering and leaving the facility.