AEW Allows Spectators Back to Live Events

The WWE is continuously battling against their rivals, AEW. It’s prompted a new era in professional wrestling, which sees innovative shows announced & wrestlers are switching leagues to increase their global exposure. The WWE has announced their latest upgrade to Friday Night’s SmackDown & Monday Night’s Raw, confirming their ThunderDome Era has begun. It marks a substantial change of commitment from Vince McMahon, allowing for virtual experiences in the COVID-19 world. It means that WWE won’t permit live audiences for a prolonged period, seemingly waiting for the pandemic to end in the United States.

Their stance is entirely different than rivals, All Elite Wrestling. The AEW announced via social media that spectator audiences would be permitted going forward. It’ll begin on August 27th, with tickets now available for consumers to purchase. COVID-19 Prevention Measures have been issued by AEW, evoking that spectators unwilling to abide by protocols will be removed immediately from the facility & possibly charged. It should be mentioned that these live shows are maintaining 15% of their standard capacities, and ticketholders having to wear protective gear to ensure public health. It should be said that weekly AEW Dynamite’s are being hosted in Jacksonville, Florida. This state has the 2nd highest volumes of COVID-19 measures throughout America. Spectators will arrive on August 27th at the Daily Place Amphitheater.

CDC Guidelines Enforced

Organizers for All Elite Wrestling are taking the admittance of spectators seriously. COVID Prevention measures issues by the “Centre of Disease, Control, and Prevention”. This means that seating options will be socially distanced by six metres or more. Ticket grouping packages are maximized at four with indoor seating and six with outdoor seating. Seating amongst these groups must still be distanced socially. Spectators visiting the Daily Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville must wear face coverings, which protect the nose & mouth from microbial infections. AEW Employed Personnel will also review the condition of each spectator, noting any symptoms of COVID-19. Potentially infected will be escorted from the Daily Place Amphitheater. Considering the influx of Anti-Maskers has grown in Florida, it’s expected that multiple violent altercations will occur from these live shows. This is something the WWE is actively avoiding.